June 18, 2021

To Ashley, a baseball field and dinner equate the perfect date


This archived article was written by: Kyndall Gardner

As USU Eastern baseball battled on the field, Greg Ashley continued to keep swinging for the Golden Eagles. Ashley is finishing out the year playing baseball and enjoying his time with teammates and friends. He was born in Sterling, Colo., and raised in Appren, Colo., with a family of six including his mother and father. He has one brother and two sisters. His favorite color is baby blue, and he enjoys Roman Noodles and drinking is Dr. Pepper.
Ashley’s favorite body feature is his mustache, while his favorite characteristic is that he is an easy going person.
After USU Eastern, Ashley plans on going to the University Of Wyoming and getting a degree. After college, his plans are “working and starting a family.”
One thing that scares him is small spaces. He is very claustrophobic.
Throughout the many dates Ashley has been on, his worst was he went to a decently-good Mexican restaurant with a girl. “Once we were done eating, we got in my car so I could take her home. She started to feel sick… then out of nowhere she threw up all over me and my car. I had to spend the next day cleaning up my date’s vomit.”
Ashley’s idea of a perfect date incorpirates his love for baseball. “I would love to take a girl to the baseball field and have a nice dinner.”
If Ashley was limited to 24 hours, he would spend his time sky-diving and rocky-mountain climbing.
Ashley once faced total public humiliation. “I was at a water park, knee boarding. I fell and my pants then ripped off. I sat there, pantless in front of everyone.” One thing that pushes his buttons is when someone walking past him stares him down. “I hate how I feel like they are just looking me up and down.”
Ashley’s most victorious sports moment was, “regionals my senior year. I was up to bat and hit a walk off.” If he could choose to live anywhere in the world he would live in Venice because “I would get to drive my boat everywhere and I think that would be so much fun.”
A hero in Ashley’s life would have to be his older sister. “She has always been there for me and always helped me out when I needed it.”
When Ashley was younger, he could be described as perfect. “I was an angel. I never did anything wrong.” One of his hidden talents is “I am great at hitting baseballs.”
His favorite memory with his team was team-bonding night, at the Thorpes. He always has a blast when it comes to bonding with his team.
Ashley’s goals for the end of his season are, “I want to hit a homerun and keep my batting average about 350 percent.” As the team continues their season, Ashely realizes the team is close. “It makes it better for all of us because we get along so well. It makes practices and games a good time.”

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