July 25, 2024

Link and Zelda

This archived article was written by: Josie Sue Slade,Sam Czarnerki

Do you prefer this Sherlock or other renditions of Sherlock?
J: I enjoy this Sherlock merely because he stays true to the books. One cannot deny Robert Downey Jr. though.
S: I prefer this one and the movies with RDJ. I must read the books.
What is your favorite part of the game?
J: Definitely the ability to come to your own conclusion. There isn’t one end point, but several.
S: Looking around for clues. Good exploration in a game is a wonderful thing.
What is the one thing you would change about the game?
J: There are little ticks in the game mechanics that drive me crazy. It almost makes you dizzy sometimes to play the game.
S: An option to write down clues instead of letting the game make all the connections for the player. Automatic logic makes the game one big fetch-quest.
What do you think of the various characters? Any changes you’d make?
J: I enjoy them quite a lot. They seem rather true to the characters in the book. I think the only thing I would change is Lestrade; he’s rather 1-D.
S: I wouldn’t change a thing. The characters are interesting, and their body-language tells volumes about their intentions.
J: 4 stars. There are several cases included and it provides for hours of gaming. It’s intriguing and I have a hard time putting it down until I finish a case.
S: 4 stars. Walking around and checking sources is realistic. The backtracking reignites my PTSD from Metroid, though.
J: 4 stars. There isn’t any overlying plot, but the individual plots in the cases are interesting and engaging.
S: 4 stars. Story? Singular? Nope! There’s lots of individual stories, and I like that. The cases aren’t linked in any way, as far as I know.
Game Mechanics
J: 3 stars. As I said earlier, some of the game drives me insane, but for the most part it’s pretty solid.
S: 4 stars. As much as the whole fetch-quest thing bugs me, the game does a great job portraying Holmes’ character and skills. The mini-games range from fun to not very well thought through.
J: 2 stars. I honestly cannot recall any music from the game. Obviously it made no impression.
S: 3 stars. There’s not always music, but when there is, it’s background-y.
J: 5 stars. Probably the best part of the entire game. The characters are unique and fun to interact with.
S: 5 stars. Definitely the kind of variety I look for in characters. They really breath life into the game, with their different personalities, backgrounds and ways of dealing with stress.
J: 3 stars. Not one of my favorite games but I enjoy sitting down and playing it. I’m not sure that it’s a game I would buy for very expensive, but definitely one I would for a cheaper price.
S: 4 stars. Great characters, detailed environments, fun gameplay and so many strange, quirky things that are possible. But again, it’s a backtracking fetch-quest akin to Metroid.