June 18, 2021

Art shows at Museum and Eastern


This archived article was written by: Sam Czarneki

When the average person hears the word “art,” they usually think one of two thoughts: “beauty” or “boring.” Many people, however, do have a concept of beauty, no matter who we are, no matter what walk of life we travel. An archeologist might find beauty in a well-preserved fossil specimen. A gamer might see beauty in the way plotline and gameplay flow together, regardless of graphical rendition. An athlete could be part of a strategy that they would describe as beautiful for its efficiency and fluidity.
Pen Brady is an artist in the traditional sense. Her painting style is strongly influenced by tribal designs originating in the Pacific Northwest, and she works with vibrant acrylic and India inks. Her art focuses on wildlife, the inspiration for each piece coming from flowers, ants, peacocks, otters and a variety of other flora and fauna.
Brady’s stylistic and elegant painting collection “Form Revisited” is on display at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum upstairs gallery, and will remain through May 22.
An excerpt from the introduction plaque in the gallery reads: “The use of line and solid shapes reveal aboriginal art roots that informed and became her muse. Within each painting she tries to capture the grace and beauty inherent in all living creatures to offer a visual experience and a celebration of life.”

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