April 17, 2024

Lockers for rent in Eastern’s Library


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Need a secure place to store your books, jackets or backpack on campus when not needed? The USU Eastern Library has lockers available for students to rent to solve the problem of trying to carry everything to every class, every day.
 According to a campus-wide email, lockers rent by the semester: $10 for small, $15 for large. The locker sizes are 15-inches wide, 21-inches deep and 24-inches tall for the large lockers; 18-inches wide, 21-inches deep and 12-inches tall for the small lockers.
“Many academic libraries offer lockers for students, and when we started finding students textbooks stashed in our stacks we decided it was time for lockers in our library too,” Sherril Shaw, cataloging librarian said.
“The fact that students would take the chance of their expensive textbooks being stolen rather than carry them around all day told us it was time to give them a secure place to keep their belongings. I spoke with a couple of libraries who had lockers to find out their experiences and I found that Big Dog Lockers was highly recommended.
“I ordered the lockers back in late November and because of the holidays and the fact they are custom painted just for us, they didn’t arrive until Jan. 26. The company was great to work with. Once they arrived on campus, John Zmerzlikar and Austin Preston hauled them to the library and installed them. Scott Madsen helped get them up the stairs – which was not easy.
“If you are tired of carrying your books or jacket all over campus, this is a good solution,” wrote Shaw in an email. She reminded students that the library just started checking out laptops this semester. “We have two Macs and two Dells that are available for student use. They checkout for three-hour increments and can leave the library during that time.”