April 17, 2024

World Series baseball ending; as for the Curse of the Billy Goat, when will it end…


This archived article was written by: Edmond James Sanders Jr

Winter is slowly approaching and shall I say what a season it has been and another amazing October of playoff baseball. Two franchises; Kansas City Royals appeared in The World Series season prior, which ended in a Game 7 World Series loss and the New York Mets who’s last World Series appearance dates back to 2000 against their inner-state rivals the New York Yankees who conquered the Mets in a Game 5 victory.
However, what’s most incredible about these two teams are they both haven’t won a world series in three decades; Mets last win was in 1986 and Royals in 1985 with that both teams aimed to end a long drought. The New York Mets had an impressive Game 4 sweep that booked a one-way flight for a shot at the title; however, that victory came against a team known as the Chicago Cubs, Curse of The Billy Goat.
For those who may not follow baseball, never heard of the curse or simply dislike the Cubs, Curse of The Billy Goat is the explanation for the Cubs 70-year-pennant drought. Although there have been a couple curses to circle around Major League Baseball franchises; Curse of The Bambino was uplifted from Boston Redsox with a pennant in 2004 and the Chicago Whitesox’s retired The Curse of the Blacksox’s with an 2005 pennant. From 1945-2015, the Chicago Cubs have shown signs every now and then of hope and curse retirement; however, always fell short in crunch playoff moments.
Back in the 1945 World Series, the Chicago Cubs had a commanding and comfortable lead, taking two games on the road and heading back to Chicago for Game 3. Local owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, William Sianis, arrived to a capacity Chicago versus Detroit Game 3, where he and his beloved Billy Goat Murry, were denied access into the stadium based on animal prohibition.
Sianis’ appeal managed its way to Cubs owner, P.K. Wrigley who denied admission. An angry Sianis rebutted with the statement, “The Cubs will never win another world series” and established a curse that would remain with them for the next seventy years. In several attempts to evade the Curse of the Billy Goat, Cubs organization has sent invitations to former Tavern Owner William Sianis’ nephew to attend a ball game allowing the admission of his Billy Goat; however, nothing seems to be able to dwindle the curse.
So with an impressive 97-65 win-loss record and winning percentage of .599 this season and NLDS victory over St. Louis in four games, provided hope to the franchise and fans of Cub baseball; however, all anticipation concluded in the NLCS after being swept by New York Mets in four games. It leaves the mind to wonder, will this curse ever be alleviated?
As we advanced to Game 5 with the Royals holding an impressive 3-1 series lead over the Mets, the Royals finished what they started in impressive fashion defeating the Mets 7-2 to win their first pennant in 30 years. So before we conclude another season of great baseball, it is time for the Kansas City franchise, city and fans to celebrate as 2015 World Series Champions. It was a great year and October of baseball; furthermore for the Chicago Cubs may 2016 be your year.