October 5, 2022

Michael Brady: freshman soccer player


This archived article was written by: Kyndall Gardner

Michael Brady is a freshman playing for the USU Eastern men’s soccer team. As a freshman, Brady came in playing for the varsity team as a center defender.
Born and raised in West Jordan, Utah, he has three half brothers, a step brother and step sister, and one-full-blood sister. His mother lives in California and his father resides in Midvale, Utah.
Brady’s most attractive trait, “has to be my hair.”
If Brady could live anywhere he would live, “on a secluded island so I can explore all the time and always be on an adventure. Also there would be hot girls and monkeys all over the place and that would be awesome.” If he could drive any car he, “would pick a Lamborghini Gallardo.”
Brady’s dream date is, “getting dressed up into a suite and tie and having the girl in a nice dress, and going out to a nice dinner. Also, making sure that nothing ruins the night… just making sure it’s so special and perfect, so that the girl is so happy.”
However Brady’s worse date would have to be, “A blind date I went to a dance. First, off we did have matching clothes so we looked off and when we got to dinner the girl was very awkward and would not say one word to me. It wasn’t fun for her because she didn’t know anyone. I tried talking to her and she would just sit there on her phone the whole time.”
Brady enjoys the color orange, favorite food is pizza and enjoys drinking Mt. Dew. His favorite part about Price, “has to be that it’s secluded from everything, it’s a nice place to go and get away from everything. I like the small-town feel of Price.” Brady chose to come to Price, “because of Cody and Daniel, we grew up together. I had offers from other schools, but ended up choosing Price to be closer to friends and family.”
Brady’s dream girl would be “a girl around 5-foot-5 to 5-foot- 7 inches with brown eyes, very athletic and healthy.”
Brady has been playing soccer for over 14 years. “I’ve played a lot of center back as well as some in the midfield.”
His biggest fear, “is dying, not knowing what’s next. I fear the unknown things in life and what could come after my life is over.”
His favorite thing about himself, “I’m funny, I mean everyone tells me I am… so I must be right? I also am a lady’s man and get along with everyone.”
Brady’s plans after USU Eastern, “are to work on going to a bigger university for soccer, work and get started on life.”
He likes playing at USUE because, “I found a place that I can come and play and have a good time, I like our team and we worked hard this season.”

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