April 17, 2024

All I want for Christmas. . .

This archived article was written by: Nathan Pena

Emilee Merrill
What: Lotion from Bath and Body Works and Money.
Why: I’m almost out and who doesn’t want money (come on!).
Eric Love
What: I want Nathan to show up to Philosophy.
Why: So I can get the notes for the classes that I have missed.
Sam Czarnecki
What: A good dash-cam.
Why: Everyone is a moron behind the wheel, myself included. A dash-cam just adds another level of security in adverse road situations.
EJ Sanders Jr.
What: To show my parents that I understand and they are appreciated.
Why: I want to be able to give them what they gave me; a life they deserve.
April Miller
What: Money
Why: To pay off ridiculous student loans and to buy a new car.
Esther Melendez
What: the “After” book series.
Why: It is a great series.
Nathan Pena
What: To be with my family.
Why: It’s not Christmas unless you’re celebrating with your family.
Brett Allen
What: Shallow mount sub system.
Why: Because a sound system’s quality can change our hearing perception… and life.
David Rawle
What: Travel to New York City.
Why: I have always wanted to travel this is a good way to start. I’ve already been invited to go, I just need to find the funds to do so.
Mara Wimmer
What: Any form of book.
Why: Reading is one of my favorite things to do. When I have a book in my hand, my stress melts away and makes me happy.
Daniel Pike
What: I’d like Donald Trump to say “Just Kidding!”
Why: Because if he is elected president, I’m moving to Canada. That seems expensive and I kind of like it here.
Nathaniel Woodward
What: A new telescope.
Why: Gifts I can use with my kids are always more fun.
Rodrigo Leon
What: A Death Star.
Why: To eradicate my enemies and start the intergalactic empire.
Stacey Graven
What: A spa day.
Why: Because college can be stressful and a spa day would be a good, relaxing moment at the end of a semester.
Nikkita Blain
What: A unicorn and a complete view from the Locker comic book. And chocolate frogs.
Why: It would be awesome!
Kiara Horowitz
What: I want a genie.
Why: Because then I can wish for perfect health, all of my stories to be famous, and to grow to be 5’7” tall.