April 17, 2024

Lund leads SSS


This archived article was written by: Casey Warren

In an effort to help students continue to pro- progress, USU Eastern returned a program to campus, Student Support Services. SSS strives to improve students’ education-al experi-ence. Rachel Lund plays a huge role in the success of this program.
“I am the director of Student Support Services and Upward Bound. They are both grant programs that focus on helping first-generation and low-income students succeed in college.
Upward Bound works with high school students, preparing them for college and Student Support Services works with college students. We act as academic advisors who are able to meet with the students more, mentor them more closely and help with their daily lives.”
Besides Lund, “Student Support Services has two academic advisors and an administrative assistant. Upward Bound has a full-time program coordinator, a part-time tutor and a part-time administrative assistant.”
Lund was brought to USU Eastern through a “long and complicated” path, but is enjoying her experience here. “I never anticipated this is where I would be, but I have really enjoyed the people of USU Eastern. There is such a great environment here and everyone is so welcoming and helpful.”
Lund didn’t necessarily choose this career path of higher education, but rather, “fell into it.” Moving forward she says, “I have found a passion in it. It is something I am really good at.”
“My favorite part about my career is the opportunity to work with students. This is such a fun time in their lives; it is a time where students are discovering who they are and what they want to be. It’s a privilege to help them along in this journey.”
Lund’s own college experience may have relation to many students at USUE. “I’m a pretty conservative person and I had to work my way through college, so I always had at least one job while trying to keep up with classes. I was active in student life and had a lot of fun with my roommates. I still keep in touch with them. I attended Southern Utah University so sometimes on weekends, we would just head to Vegas and walk the Strip all night – those were fun road trips.”
There is a large benefit that comes with Lund’s career. “I am in a career that allows me to travel and I have been to a lot of really cool places. In the last year, I have been to Kansas, New York and Melbourne, Australia. I am going to tour Europe in the summer. I love to travel and experience new places and cultures – I fully plan to see the world.”
Some advice Lund shares with students at USU Eastern. “It’s important to have fun and make relationships, but take your classes seriously. This is an opportunity that so many people don’t get and higher education can open so many doors, if you really take advantage of learning.
“Remember that it is more important to learn than it is to just get the grade and if you are invested in learning, the good grades will come.”
Along the lines of success, Lund says, “Initiative and self-awareness are absolutely the keys to success. Figure out what your talents and skills really are and just go for it.”