June 17, 2024

USUE’s Global Week:


This archived article was written by: Emilee Merrill

Global week, is a passionate experience USU Eastern provides annually to foster worldwide awareness of international celebration, customs and needs through exposing participants to events and activities that include humanitarian, culinary, academic, cultural, artistic and athletic adventures in a diverse and compelling display.
During Feb. 22-26, four cultures from around the world were explored by Utah State University Eastern students for educational and enjoyment purposes. Sponsored by the Eastern Utah Student Association the four cultures that were decided to be highlighted included American, Asian, European and African.
USU Eastern students celebrated being American by gathering together late Monday night for True Eagle. While some waited to be kissed by their significant other and no one else as indicated by their red band, some stood around waiting for others to ask them for a kiss as marked by their green wrist band indicating they would kiss anyone who would ask. Others wore yellow bands meaning they might kiss someone if asked.
Much fun and loud voices occurred while the activity lasted, but all good things must come to an end.
Asia is known for many things such as the Great Wall of China, outdoor markets, Asian elephants, healthy and amazing food and different forms of self-defense such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
On Tuesday students learned how to defend themselves by using simple forms of Tai Chi with staffs, stick rods about 5- to 6-feet tall. To learn, Jack Chen, Tai Chi and Kung Fu teacher, helped students use staffs as attack and defense weapons. He taught students how to disarm someone who may be trying to rob them with a gun.
Much fun was had as students learned such tricks.
On Wednesday, students gathered to play foosball, with a little twist. The students were the people in the game. Foosball is a game of soccer with the players only being able to move from side to side while attached to a pole, or in this case, a PVC pipe. The game is also typically played inside an enclosed room so the ball may be kicked off the walls and doesn’t go too far away that’s it’s too hard to block or reach.
This day and game was for pure fun, which was had by the students who attended.
Have any of you ever pulled out a freshly clean pair of socks from the dryer and put them on? If not, you’re missing out. This is how USU Eastern students described walking on fire on Thursday.
Students from the EUSA spent a good couple of hours burning wood outside of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center to make coal so those who choose to “walk of fire” could do so. Many students who did were hesitant at first, but after the first initial step they kept going. Several students walked over the hot coals two to five times, if not more, just for fun.
At the end of this culture-filled week, USU Eastern students, along with some high school students throughout Utah, celebrated with an “Around the World”- themed dance. Some African and European songs were played, but the majority of the songs were American. Still many students, college and high school, attended and had a lot of fun and good laughs.
At the end of the night names were drawn to win prizes. These prizes were four $25 gift cards, a “Star Wars” movie packet with treats, two Jazz tickets, a $25 gift card for iTunes with a Boombox and a TV.