July 5, 2022

Sidney Springer: from Delta, Utah to USUE


This archived article was written by: Alex Morell

Delta, Utah, native Sidney Springer is a Utah 2A State Champion in both basketball and volleyball. She was named 2A MVP in both of her respected sports. She is now at Utah State University Eastern as a member of the women’s volleyball team as an outside hitter where she looks to continue her amazing athletic career.
Springer was born and raised in Delta, Utah with her four siblings and her parents Gaylen and Kristen Springer. She attended Delta High School which is a 2A school in Millard County, in a small town of just 4,500 residents.
A very accomplished athlete at Delta High School, she was a four-sport athlete and excelled in volleyball, basketball, softball and track. Although her heart was always with volleyball and she knew that’s where she would eventually play at the next level.
During her high school career she was a three-time-state champion; winning a state championship in Volleyball in 2015. Also winning back to back Championships in Basketball in 2015 and 2016. 2A MVP in volleyball and basketball in 2016.
On top of all these accomplishments she was named first team all-state three years in a row in volleyball and first team all-state in basketball her junior and senior year.
In basketball, she absolutely loved her coach, Kurtis Topham. She says that although basketball wasn’t her favorite sport that coach has had the most impact outside of her parents and siblings on her athletic career as well as just growing up.
She said “Coach was a great player’s coach, and we were all just super close to him on a personal level and could talk to him about anything. When he coached, he was more concerned with our individual lives than the actual game of basketball. He taught far more many lessons in life and was more concerned with that than just teaching us drills, plays and fundamentals. Even though he was great at teaching the game.”
She has so much love for all the sports that she has been privileged to play. But she says that her love and heart has always been with volleyball. She knew that volleyball would take her to the next level. Her team had an amazing run to the state championship game and named state champs in 2015.
Her journey to USU Eastern is a bit of an interesting one. Her junior year she had been talking to a few D1 schools to play at the next level. As it got closer to her senior year, she started to see that her dream of playing at that level may not be possible right away. When the programs that she was talking to they started to have coaching changes, she lost the connections she had.
She started talking to the coaches at USU Eastern as an alternative route to be able to one day play at the D1 level. Although she never anticipated to be playing volleyball at Eastern, she saw it as a great opportunity and absolutely loves it here. She loves her teammates and loves the relationships she has been able to build.
Although Springer has accomplished many things in her athletic career so far, she is humble about it all and has a hard time talking about all of the achievements that she accomplished. Because to her “it’s really not a big deal.”
Springer is excited for the things that are to come to finish out the season. She said, “I feel like we have a ton of potential to be a very good volleyball team. I think that we will be able to accomplish a lot of things and surprise a lot of people.”

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