July 23, 2021

Getting outdoors made easier through Carbon County Recreation


This archived article was written by: Travis Hill

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you and your friends are sitting around trying to figure out which classes to take next semester you could choose adventure? A few years ago, through the joint effort of Utah State University Eastern and Carbon County Department of Recreation, students were able to take those classes. The recreation department offered courses in rafting, backpacking, canoeing, marksmanship and even a geology class that took place in the canyons.
Students can still take these classes, and many others, from the rec department just not for college credit. The school and rec department are still in good standing with one another as they are both trying to get those courses available to students once again. As it stands, that possibility is at least a year away.
The recreative department offers a variety of biking, hiking, rafting, climbing, and canoeing trips with a 25 percent discount to students. Hikes through the recreation offices are generally $15 per person and include transportation and a guide.
They also offer classes in all of these areas. One of the more popular ones, according to Director of the Recreation Department, Frank Ori, is kayaking. They will give the whole lesson in the pool. A lot of people seem to enjoy that one.
For students already versed in any of these areas and aren’t looking for lessons or instructors, the rec department has a long list of rentals available.
Among the list of rentals are rafts, oar and paddle, kayaks, canoes, tons and tons of river gear, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, climbing gear, and even winter equipment including ice skates, snow shoes, and skis.
The program was established ten years ago in 2006 and continues to have a great relationship with the college. In fact, the softball team plays on the cities field and the rodeo team utilizes the city fair grounds.
The Carbon County Department of Recreation can be reached at 435-636-3702

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