August 14, 2022

The visionary set for “Game’s Afoot”


This archived article was written by: D’Layna Hickman

There is nothing like a murder to spice up the holidays. The murder mystery  “The Game’s Afoot” is playing at USU Eastern Dec. 8-10 in the Central Instructional Building Black Box Theatre. With a play as magnificent as this a good set design is a must. According to set designer Brent Innes, “The set often becomes a silent character in a show and a show like this requires a big statement from the set.”

The set is one of the grandest and most meticulous sets that USU Eastern’s theater department has ever had. The design included an actual working hidden room and an opening window. There was quite a few detail that were thought such as guns and knives on the walls. The set only took average time to build with only a few difficulties, “The biggest problem was trying to figure how to place the beams to architecturally work,” Innes explains.

The set was originally purchased from Logan and repurposed from the play “You Can’t Take it With Me.” It was redesigned and brought to life. The set was made to match the play. In particular one line came to Innes mind, “If God had money, he would live here.” With that being said, USU Eastern can thank the clever mind of Innes for his design of an amazing set.

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