July 1, 2022

Sobriety tests held in CIB


This archived article was written by: Alex Holt

USU Eastern’s Police Academy and the Utah Highway Patrol is holding its weeklong course in D.U.I and intoxilators on campus this week. The seven cadets were tasked with detecting and analyzing individuals who are under the influence of alcohol, particularly when driving.
The academy brings in individuals to get intoxicated at certain levels for the cadets to analyze. The individuals are placed in a safe environment and their alcohol intake is controlled.
USUE Police Academy Director and Criminal Justice Professor Scott Henrie explains “We get them to that level where is it just barley over what is considered the presumptive level- .08… An individual at that spot is kinda hard to recognize. An individual who is heavily intoxicated is easy to see or one who is not is generally easy to see.”
The cadets conducted different field-sobriety tests and charged with predicting what level the individuals were at and what signs they may have found that would backup their predictions as well as if an arrest should be made.
The cadets are told the actual levels of intoxication of the individuals as well as other signs they should have noticed.
The cadets will finish their DUI training with another round of sobriety testing and then move onto intoxilators (similar to breathalyzers).
When they finish this course they will move unto firearms training. The cadets will receive their certifications and graduate in early April

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