March 23, 2023

Leadership day


This archived article was written by: Dean Thacker

At 10 a.m. on Friday, March 17, a flood of new and bright faces stormed the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. It was the annual Leadership Day where incoming freshman and returning students had a day full of activities and interviews for leadership positions on campus.
Leadership groups participating in this year’s leadership day included: student success mentors, resident advisers, Eastern Utah Student Association, Serving Utah Network Center and USU Eastern Ambassadors. Each of these groups were excited to meet and greet these new USU Eastern hopefuls.
When these students first came into the JLSC, they were checked in. This service was provided by the ambassadors, giving the students name tags and agendas.
Next the students gathered in the JLSC conference room where EUSA started icebreaker games. Alex Anderson played a get to know your name game called STOP using a soccer ball. Paige Martinez did an icebreaker asking questions using a deck of cards. During this time, the success leaders passed out raffle tickets.
Students then went into the Alumni Room at 10:30 a.m., where a welcome speech was given by the EUSA adviser Evette Allen. Representatives from each leadership group had representatives give speeches about their leadership groups. Students were asked to sign-up for interviews.
At 11 a.m., students were moved back into the conference room. Terry Johnson from SUN Center and Shanny Wilson from Success Leaders played a leadership game called Square Game where teams were given the challenge to solve a puzzle as a team without talking.
The RAs and the ambassadors played a leadership game creating balloon towers using only tape, balloons and their brains.
The EUSA split the future leaders into teams to solve a creative problem/scenario. Lunch was provided in the cafeteria. During this time students were encouraged to socialize during this time as well as to solve their creative scenario. During this time, the Students Success leaders raffled off mugs, T-shirts and other Eastern Swag.
At 1 p.m., student were asked to get into their teams and give their presentation of their scenarios in seven minutes, followed by the audience’s time to ask questions.
The interviews started at 2 p.m. Each student would get a 10-minute interview with the leadership groups of their choice. The EUSA provided movies and video games to students waiting for their interviews.
EUSA plans to hire 12 positions while Ambassadors hire between 11-19 students, the RAs have 10 positions open and the Sun Center has 12-18. Leadership day was a huge success. It was a full day of leadership, friendships and fun to bring in next year’s top students.

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