September 25, 2022

The most exciting potential playoff match ups

This archived article was written by: Tai Justice

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner so I wanted to go through the most fun matchups we could possibly have throughout any round of this year’s playoffs.
The first matchup would be the Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors. Now, this matchup wouldn’t be able to happen until the NBA Finals, but could you imagine how fun this one would be? These game’s final scores would 150-155.
John Wall vs. Stephen Curry and Bradley Beal vs. Klay Thompson? Sign me up. Not to mention you could have an interesting story line with Kevin Durant playing the Finals back in his hometown.
The next one would be the Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics. There’s already bad blood between them. Everyone knows about the funeral game that happened earlier this season between the two teams when the Wizards dressed in all black before their game vs. Boston because they said they were going to a funeral.
Then during the game, there was a lot physical play, resulting in a great game. There’s a chance that we could see this matchup in the second round of the playoffs.
The next one for me would be the Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. There’s also a good chance that we see this series in the first round of the playoffs. I hope we do because this series is filled with story lines. It’s not even so much what would happen on the court because in all likelihood, it’d be a quick series win for Cleveland, but I’m here for James going back to Miami in the playoffs. The storylines would make this matchup fun.
This next one falls along those same lines of probably not that competitive on the court, but the story lines of the court would be amazing and make this series, if it happened, exciting. The Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors.
This series is not likely to happen, but the Warriors and Durant going back to Oklahoma City to face the possible MVP Russell Westbrook. This one would be a super entertaining sweep because the Warriors destroy the Thunder every time they play, but the Durant returning to Oklahoma City factor would make this an interesting story.
This next one is close to the heart and it’s very likely to happen at this point and that is the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Utah Jazz. My team. Finally, back in the playoffs.
The up and coming team vs. Clippers, a team that’s been there before and could well be on their last ride as a core if this season ends poorly. Anytime the Clippers are in a series, it’s going to be interesting because they seem to always pull off these epic collapses. This one has me pumped. I’m hoping the Jazz can hold onto home court for this likely first-round matchup.
Next one is the San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors. We recently saw this matchup. That game had two-heavy weights going blow for blow at each other. You have the greatest coach of all time, Gregg Popovich, vs. the most talented team of all time in the Warriors. It would be fun to see what Popovich has up his sleeve in a seven-game series to try and stop them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the West Conference Finals matchup.
The last matchup is the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors. I don’t care that we’ve already seen these matchup two times. I want the rubber match. How would top their series last year, by adding Durant to the occasion. No teams have ever met three-straight years in The Finals so we’ll see what happens in the playoffs, but this would be fun to see again.

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