June 18, 2021

If you are bored, go out and board


This archived article was written by: Lindsie Damron

Skateboarding originated during the 1960s, when surfers in California wanted something fun to do when the waves were flat. The height of skateboarding really kicked off during the 1970s, when many interested “boarders” removed the wheels and bearings from their roller skates, and attached them to plywood. They were not able to get going very fast, but the adrenaline would still hit them when they would get going down a steep, “crazy” hill.
Now in the 20th century, boarding improved with the times. There’s different types of boards, skateboards are primarily used for tricks (i.e; kickflips, ollies, and my personal favorite, the boneless) and longboards are used for primarily cruising. Banana boards are good to ride due to the way they are built, because it puts less pressure on your feet. Penny boards are the newest addition to the skateboard family and are super small, but light to carry. (This is not every type of board, just the types that I am most familiar with.)
Boarding is not only fun, but it beats running when you’re late to class. I can reach the library from the WIB in 3 minutes flat!
Maybe you are thinking, well I could never board, I would fall. This is the huge thing with boarding, yes, you will fall. But that’s all a part of the game, you have to just learn how to fall. All you have to do really, is keep your arms bent and roll into the fall. You won’t get hurt, and you will not break your bones. I personally fall about three times a day, but continue to jump back on, catch a hill and have fun. “Nailed it!”
Not only does boarding get you out of the dorm, it is a seriously adrenalizing experience that you could not feel on a bike. If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, seriously consider getting yourself a board and riding anywhere, especially downhill.
The funnest hills for me, can be found throughout campus and in Helper. (Helper is located about 12 minutes north/west of Price.) On Helper Main Street, there’s not much traffic, and the hills help you to catch plenty of speed with the benefit of it typically bottoming out. So by the time you reach the bottom of the street, you will just slow down instead of having to stop yourself.
Likewise, the skate park is traditionally a great place to board and practice tricks. It’s located about four minutes away from the college, right next to the Dino-Mine Park. There is no better feeling than having wind blowing in your face as you coast into the park.
There is a serious sweet spot to ride right outside of the soccer field and you can coast clear down and around campus. (It’s seriously gnarly!) Also, if you start from the side of the WIB where the pavement is, you can coast clear down through the parking lot, or out of the parking lot and cut across the street without having to stop and push yourself off again.
Foot position is important when it comes to boarding because it’s what keeps you balanced. What helped me while I was learning to board (which is still an ongoing process) was remembering that it’s similar to a scooter, but without the handlebar. All it takes is the push off and you’ll be cruising in no time. So get your friends together, buy a board, find a hill and roll out.

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