June 20, 2021

Reason to preseason

This archived article was written by: Kalli Prendergast

August 7, came quickly for the 36 women on the USUE women’s soccer team. This was the day where all their lives would add some sort of change. Whether it is a change in routine, friends or one of the biggest changes for many, destination.
The majority of players didn’t come from too far. Some just a few hours away and some a few states away.
People came from besides Utah: Idaho, Nevada and Missouri. Amanda Manwill, traveling all the way from the Missouri, states she came to Utah because her family lived out here but USUE made her feel at home. Haylee Willis, coming from Idaho, came to USUE for the outstanding soccer program and destination. This became a home quick for the women’s team.
Summer workouts were sent out June 1. These workouts were intense and full of cardio. “I enjoyed having the planned workouts from coach because it helped me know what he was expecting from us when we arrived,” said Freshman Jane Dalto.
Third year Head Coach Ammon Bennett sends workouts out to the team so that all players come in strong and in shape. “Its a benefit that we don’t have to get you into shape when you arrive. We go straight to playing soccer.”
Rise and run at 7 a.m on Aug. 8 was the beginning of “hell week.” ‘Hell week is a commonly used phrase per the first few weeks of double days and workouts. Cleats weren’t being tied just yet; it was the running shoes being slipped on first.
The team started out their day with the two-mile run. “The two-mile run was something we really prepared for,” said Captain Taryn Pritchett. “It was a big moment to prove to the coaches how much training we did over summer.”
After all players pushed themselves to an extent they weren’t sure was possible, their day wasn’t over. A short six hours later they were lacing their cleats to start on-field training. “The double days became a routine. Soccer. Sleep. Eat. Repeat,” said freshman Kaitlyn Sisler. “It just made me more excited to get to season.”
The afternoon session was a lot of big-sided scrimmages, which gave the coaches the ability to see how players played with some people and how their field awareness was.
“The scrimmages got a lot of nerves out” said Freshman Mckayla Martell. “We were just learning how to play with each other.”
Many wouldn’t think after five days into arriving to college that you’d have your first-college scrimmage? For USUE that was the case. On Aug. 12, Treasure Valley Community College came from Ontario, Ore., to Price for their first scrimmage of the season. The team was excited to step on the field even though they knew this would be a learning experience. USUE took a commanding win over TVCC, 7-0. “This scrimmaged helped us learn about each other.” Kori Jorgensen said, “also showed us that we have a lot of potential this season.”
Preseason continues with a few trips to D2 schools, Dixie State University and Colorado Mesa State. “We went to these games to learn. A D2 School would test us in different ways than a JUCO would,” Coach Cole Davis said. “ The players learned a lot of mental toughness as well as exposing the holes we have on the field that we will fix before conference.”
Dixie and Colorado showed two different styles of play, both two that being exposed to us helped the team grow.
The women’s team has a 2-1 record. The team has been preparing for conference for three weeks and this weekend they will finally see the field for their first conference game. The team will travel on their team bus down to Las Vegas and see two games against College of Southern Nevada. “I feel that we have prepared really well for these games,” said Kaitlyn Sisler. “It’s time to go out there and start our season out with a few Ws”.

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