July 14, 2024

Student Spotlights


This archived article was written by: Vivika Corona

A Price 21-year-old native heading into his junior year as co-captain of the Student Success Leaders. Vincent Anella is majoring in Biology and plans to head to Utah State in Logan and then medical school to be a radiologist.
The wildest thing he’s done in public, he and a friend ran across campus in their underwear after one of Utah State University Eastern’s Lite Brite dances. Why he said, “We were cold.” Anella says his favorite part of being a student leader is being able to help students. “They are at a point where they do not know what they need to do next being able to give guidance is a pretty nice feeling to know you really helped someone out.” The main priority of SSL is to help freshman when needed. As for most memorable part of being at USU Eastern, Anella said meeting friends. “I met a lot of friends here I probably would have never met unless I became a leader and got more involved.”
He then recalls that his first semester he didn’t meet many people because of the “go to school and go home” mentality. Vincent definitely recommends becoming a student leader.
Something he can’t look over in others is not being humorous. Ladies, I hope you’re humorous because he is funny, drives an extremely nice car, and plans to be a doctor.
As for hidden talents his isn’t actually very hidden. Being a well-known rapper to Nicki Minaj songs, he holds his head high as he manages to rap all the lyrics to most of Minaj’s songs. “One day I was just listening to Nicki Minaj, I was feeling that flow and just went for it and got better. I impressed a lot of people with my Anaconda (one of Minaj’s most popular songs) rap. I can hit every word.”