June 18, 2021

Student Spotlights


This archived article was written by: Vivika Corona

Nineteen and a sophomore, Mallorie Bradley has done more than your average student. Her freshman year, she was as a member of Eastern Utah Student Association, and is transitioning into an ambassador.
Originally from Price, Bradley is a speech pathology major and plans to be a speech therapist at an elementary school. Bradley does not regret staying in Price for school. “It’s not always the greatest at times. Although living at home still, I’m saving so much money. It makes it worth it.”
As an ambassador, she gets a full-tuition scholarship. “We don’t do as many events and our main focus is recruitment which is a little different.” She recommends becoming a student leader. “It makes me think about what I’m doing when people are watching me. It’s also cool to be an influence to others.”
Her favorite memory at USUE is Lite Brite. “It’s a great event!” A goal for the year? “Get decent grades. Be happy and have fun.”
Planning on going to Logan next year, she is excited for how much bigger campus is and all the opportunities. Bradley is an upbeat outdoor person and loves to drive around the hills or hang around a lake.
According to her friends and family, she is always smiling but one thing that doesn’t make her smile is when people are too faced, a character trait she can’t look over.
Her hidden talent is being an impressive twerker. Any song can make her dance. According to Bradley any good “not weird” songs can get her off her feet. Her daily motto is scheduling a nap. “I push through until I can take a break.” The biggest change she’s ever implemented in her life was attempting to eat less McDonalds in a week.

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