June 22, 2021

College at 16


This archived article was written by: Kaina Elias

Sixteen and already a freshman in college, Emma Campbell achieved impressive things for her age. Part of The Eagle newspapers at Utah State University Eastern, member of the Serving Utah Network (SUN) Center and a certified nursing assistant, Campbell admits that at first it is “socially weird” to hang out with people older than she. However, after spending a few weeks with her new friends, she totally adapted and love the experience at USUE.
Born in California in 2000, Campbell’s family moved to Philippines when she was 12. Spending three years there, she learned a little of Tagalog, one of the main languages among the several islands that form the Philippines.
She came back to the United States in 2016, and finished a three-month-adult- education class in three days. Passing the final test with a “college ready” merit, Campbell was already planning to attend college in her early adolescence. She did not think she would end up in Price, though. In fact, she never heard about Price before. Now, Campbell can’t help but be happy for all the opportunities USU Eastern is giving her. “Being 16 in college is awesome!”
Living with her parents off campus in her freshmen year, Campbell already aims to become a resident assistant for next year so she can move to the campus, getting more immerse in the college experience in Price. Even though living off campus may put her away of some activities simply due distance, she is always trying to participate in everything that she can. “True Eagle Night was a funny night.”
Currently, Campbell is splitting her time between her classes, newspaper production, SUN Center, job as a nurse assistant, friends and family. Since she gets along with older students better, according to her, making friends was not that hard. Her fear was to not be accepted among the students because of her age. Her fears did not become true, whereas she is still hoping that her age will not get in her way throughout her college experience.
Once she told some of her friends she was sixteen, they got shocked, affirming that she does not act like child, but rather like a mature person.
Getting deeper in college life as the semester continues, Campbell already has plans of joining the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).
Whether at USUE or anywhere else, Campbell knows that her college experience will lead her way to the Army. Her age does not reflect her thoughts, as she already thinks 10 years ahead on her life. Like some of her professors use to say in class, “we are all adults here,” she knows that her choice of going to college so early might show that her path is tough, but she couldn’t be happier for taking this decision.

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