July 13, 2024

Soccer is not easy and winning is not promised


This archived article was written by: Jarrett Hunt

Sophomore forward Angie Meija is returning for her second season as a member of the Eagles Women’s Soccer program.
Meija attended Granger High School in West Valley City, Utah. During her time at Granger, she led her team to program history by capturing their first birth in the 5A state playoffs.
This year at Eastern she plans on the team having similar on-field success. The team’s goals for the season, Mejia said, “The team is returning strong and experienced players, we plan on winning the conference and going to compete for nationals.” She is excited for the remainder of the season and looks forward to making memories with her teammates.
Mejia’s favorite thing about soccer is the competition. She loves competing against and with other girls who love the game as much as she does. She values the importance of practice and said that competing with her teammates is the best way to get better every day.
Mejia has been playing soccer since she was 3. It has been a big part of her life for many years and she is grateful that she still has the opportunity to play it.
What soccer has taught her, Mejia said, “ Soccer is not easy and winning is not promised, hard work is a must, so soccer has taught me patience, hard work and dedication.” She also credits soccer to being a stress reliever in her life. “When I am on the field it is all about soccer, everything else gets blocked out, from a young age soccer has been a way to relieve stress for me.”
After graduating Eastern in the spring, Mejia plans on studying and getting her degree in child psychology from Utah State University in Logan. The Eagles’ conference record of 1-2-1 and on the road this weekend in non-conference games. #TakeFlight