May 16, 2022

Our jobs as students at USU Eastern

This archived article was written by: Alex Anderson

There hasn’t been an event where I haven’t had someone say to me, “I didn’t know there was an event tonight,” and at first, I asked myself what I was doing wrong. I asked other organizations on campus how they advertise their events, and I started posting more flyers for my event and posting more online announcements, and when the next event rolled around, I still heard students say, “I didn’t know there was an event tonight.”
Organizations on campus can do everything but staple the flyers to students’ foreheads and personally put it in their calendars, and still get low attendance at events.
My second year on student government, during Fall Frenzy, we had a rollerblading event. Students could rollerblade for free in the multipurpose room; it was glow in the dark and a lot of fun. This event was particularly expensive, so we advertised extra hard and had an okay turnout, but nothing like what we wanted.
The next semester, I was talking to a couple of students about possible event ideas and someone said rollerblading and the whole group got excited at that idea of a rollerblading activity. I told them that we had already sponsored rollerblading this year. Some of the students recall seeing some advertisement about it, but they had something else to do, forgot it was happening and only remembered it after it was over.
I replied with, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I always hear students complain there’s nothing happening on campus. This is simply not true. There is always something happening, but some students refuse to open their eyes and read a flyer or stop scrolling for a second and see what’s happening on their campus. If students really want me to staple the flyer to their forehead I will but that doesn’t sound fun for anyone.
Student government has an event almost every week, often we have multiple events in one week. Sun Center has events and volunteer opportunities almost every week as well. Students don’t even have to volunteer to be a good person. Lots of classes require service hours and it boosts student’s resumes.
Student leaders on campus are sponsoring a 100-event campaign this semester where we number each event that we throw until we get to 100, that’s 100 events in 16 weeks. These events come in a wide range from Lite Brite to the Native American Heritage activity.
The next time you or your friends are looking for something to do, check the calendar at before you stay home. Each student pays $250 in student fees; make the most of your money and see what’s happening on campus.

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