December 2, 2023

USUE’s sexual assault resources available on campus


This archived article was written by: Alexandor Holt

What comes next? For victims and survivors of sexual assault at Utah State University Eastern, this must be an unanswerable question. Fortunately, USUE does have several resource and support measures to attempt to answer it.
USUE’s Sexual Assault Resource Guide offers immediate guidance to victims and survivors, asking them to ensure their safety from further harm and get medical attention at the nearest hospital or instant care.
The guide tells victims and survivors to report the issue to the Title IX officer – Tammy Auberger at (435) 613-5678 or visit her office in West Instructional Building and then report the incident to campus police at (435) 613-5612. The guide reminds students that reporting the incident does not automatically trigger an investigation.
Furthermore, the guide asks that victims and survivors seek confidential counseling with Ashley Yaugher, Ph.D. at (435) 613-5670 or in her office at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center, room 223.
As Director of Counseling, Yaugher has several methods she uses to help students cope with the trauma of sexual assault which include self care measures, anxiety management, breathing strategies, meditation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation strategies, processing the trauma, among others.
She also serves as confidential source for those who wish to speak about their experience and she can work with victims and survivors through the reporting process.
USU in Logan has the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information program to provide services to students, in which Eastern students have access to.
“We all need to play our part to prevent violence” Yaugher said in response to sexual assault. “It is not just about women’s violence, but all violence. Women are more often the victims, but men also experience it.”
Yaugher is working to increase sexual assault awareness and build more programs and events for students which includes the Clothesine Project event from Nov. 27 – 29th. The project is a visual display of violence against women. Men can also participate or create shirts for loved ones.
Other universities, like Weber State University, which has a women’s center, which are more involved with students to actively engage them in awareness and prevention of violence against women. The center includes social justice and women in leadership programs as well as the Safe@Weber program.
These programs include networking, events, Title IX panels, online training and a host of other resources that all students, including sexual assault victims and survivors could benefit from.
USUE’s Sexual Assault Resource Guide can be found online at and the website for emergency reporting of sexual assault/other emergencies is:

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