July 14, 2024

17th best goalkeeper in the country calls Eastern home


This archived article was written by: Nicolas Schapochnik

Meet Austin Munhoz, the 17th best goalkeeper in the country. He played his final game for USU Eastern in the semi-finals of the SWAC tournament and was named second team all-region after leading the conference in saves. He is one of the graduating sophomores who will be looking for a college to transfer to play soccer and continue his education. Munhoz sat down for a Q and A to discuss the season. Q. How do you feel the team did this season? Did you get disappointed by the way it ended?
A. “I think we did not so well, no one in the team was in the same mindset… We had a really strong squad [but] we couldn’t capitalize in to results. I was definitely disappointed, but I learned a lot and grew as a player, [though it] is hard to have that feeling that we could [have] gone further on the competition, but now we can only take a lesson from it.”
Q. What are your plans for the next season?
A. “I’m open to go a NCAA division two or division one school, I’m thinking about going to the Air Force academy team, which I would learn a lot [from] the military, get my education paid and play soccer at the highest level. I feel like the discipline and hard work from them would help me reaching my full potential.”
Q. Do you want to become professional?
A. “Yes, definitely. That’s been my dream ever since I was 12.”
Q. How would you describe your two-year experience at Eastern?
A. “It was a good experience for sure, I’ve met a lot of great people and built connections with friends from all around the world. My technical skills got a lot better since I first came to Eastern [and] in these two years I became a better goalkeeper on and off the ball.
Overall, the experience at USU Eastern was positive. I won’t forget the time spent here [and] after the spring I will leave Price knowing I became a better person.”