July 23, 2024

Keeping to your new resolutions

Kenlee East Staff Writer Each year on Dec. 31, individuals make ‘New Year’s resolutions’ where…

Kenlee East
Staff Writer
Each year on Dec. 31, individuals make ‘New Year’s resolutions’ where they write down ways to be a better person in the next year. They can be as small as, shower everyday or losing weight. Each person has their individual goals they try to meet.
According to goskills.com, the top 10 most common goals are;
1.Exercise more
2.Lose weight
3. Get organized
4.Learn a new skill or hobby
5. Live life to the fullest
6. Save more money / spend less money
7.Quit smoking
8.Spend more time with family and friends
9. Travel more
10. Read more
Most resolutions dissolve by February for obvious reasons such as no time, no money and no motivation. Few people stick to their plans that they made.
Sticking to your plan can be hard due to whatever reason made up in your head. These resolutions are there to make you a better person. No one else is benefiting from you trying to quit smoking other than you. When you begin to feel like your slipping from the goals, try to remember why you made them. For you!
The saying “New year, new me” sounds cliche, but is essentially what you are trying to do. The beginning of the new year, remember why these goals were made and what they are supposed to help. When you begin to slip again, think about where you want to be at the end of the year, and make that happen.
Sure there are people to help motivate you, but the only way you are going to make them happen is by YOU making it happen. Think about how accomplished you will feel at the end of 2019 when you make all your goals happen and you can check them off of your list.
After all is said and done, make sure you do what is best for you, no matter how hard it may seem. Spending 30 extra minutes at the gym may be hard to do, but imagine how much better you feel when you lose the weight you have been trying to drop some pounds for years.

You got this! Make yourself proud!

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