July 22, 2024

Quiet Please

Letter to the Editor I love books, studying and a quiet place where I can…

Letter to the Editor
I love books, studying and a quiet place where I can study with full concentration. I love going to the library and reading because I feel like the library is one of the quietest places you can be. When spring semester 2019 started, I was excited; this is my last semester at USU Eastern. My class schedule is chaotic with all the hard classes that require many reading and writing assignments. In order to do well in those classes, while living in a dorm with five other females, I decided to find the quietest place on campus which I assumed was the library.
The first day I stepped into the library, I saw the “quiet zone” sign upstairs. I decided to find a perfect space in the corner and start reading. I could hear voices coming from the downstairs and also from the back table. The voices were getting louder as people came in and out. Some students having a study group in the quiet zone got louder as the hours went by. I finally realized: this is not the right place for me to study. All I was looking for is a place that I can peacefully study, but apparently library isn’t one of the places.
I feel the “quiet zone” rule is set to be enforced and followed. As college students, the library is essential for all of us. I know many students like me are looking for a quiet place to study. After I was talking to students that went through the same situation, I noticed that the student-athlete study hall hours are usually spent in the library. This is a great thing, but coming in as a huge study group makes the noise louder.
I feel like the student-athletes study hall should be set up in a different room like many other universities. The tutors should have a separate room for it as well. Eastern’s library is small and voices carry super fast in there. These changes will help to have a more quiet environment all the time and students that like to study in the library could have the peaceful place that they can fully focus and do well in their classes. It will also benefit the tutors and student athletes since they will have their own room that they can study as a group and able to have discussions more freely.
Susie Pau Yu