January 28, 2023

Climate change is an issue everyone must face

Ko Saavedra staff writer   Climate change is one of the ever-growing problems for the…

Ko Saavedra
staff writer
Climate change is one of the ever-growing problems for the planet. Resulting in drastic weather patterns, rising sea levels and higher global temperatures. This is an issue everyone must recognize and do their best to help.
According to NASA, 2015-2018 were the four hottest years recorded, with 2016 being the hottest. Eight of the 12 months for 2016 had broken high- temp records.
The United Nations reported that there is over a 95 percent probability that, over the past 50 years, human activities warmed the planet. This is due to our production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, etc.
Since the industrial age, carbon dioxide parts per millions in the atmosphere have gone from 280 million to 400 million. There is a direct connection with human activities and rising temperatures. It is important for the human race to try our best in order to prevent this from getting worse.
With sea levels rising every year, temperatures getting warmer and climate having hotter dry seasons and colder winters, we must address our global problem. Though it is hard to do things on an individual level, we must try our best to combat climate change.
According to Forbes Magazine, cutting back on meat or dairy could help with our climate impact, which contributes to more than 40 percent of green- house gas emissions. Recycling and buying multi-use plastics over single-use can help keep oceans clean and prevent the production of more plastics resulting in more emissions released. Opting to walk when having the chance is always a big contributor as well.
This is a crisis that must be recognized by every- one. There are many who believe we must address climate change, but there are also those who don’t. The United States and other countries that focus on pro ting off oil are essentially destroying the planet’s future merely for pro t. There is more evidence than I can name for the reality of climate change.
Research done by science organizations, universities, and scholars should be recognized. When most of the scientific world sees that this is an issue we must work actively towards
immediately, why must society ignore them? There must be people in positions of power to lead the way to combat climate change to benefit the world. Money will be useless when the world is at its end, so why must that be of more importance than future generations?

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