July 13, 2024

Odyssey Dance returns to Eastern with “Thriller”

Odyssey Dance Company is making its second appearance at Utah State University Eastern to perform its smash Halloween hit, “Thriller,” on Monday, Sept. 23, in the Geary Events Center. Two performances are scheduled with one at 4 p.m. and another at 8 p.m.

 In its 23rd season, the Salt Lake dance company’s production of “Thriller” includes all of the favorite pieces from the past including “The Curse of the Mummy,” “Dem Bones,” “Frankenstein,” Jason Jam,” “Salem’s Mass,” “The Lost Boys” and “The River of Blood Dance.”

 It includes frights, amazement, scares and lots of laughs. It’s been a Halloween tradition in Utah with performances in Park City, Pocatello, Idaho; Provo, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Price and St. George this year. Last year every performance at every venue was sold out. 

 Margaret Godfrey of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote, “Odyssey’s production of ‘Thriller’ was truly a thrill for the audience, which was a times breathless with laughter, at times fearful and amazed, but always totally entertained. The pieces were excitingly choreographed and energetically performed.”

 Odyssey Dance Company was founded in 1994 and directed by Derryl Yeager, former Ballet West principal, Broadway, television and film veteran. He uses world-class bravado, passionate charm and choreographed invention to combine the classical virtues of ballet with the attack of jazz, modern dance, hip-hop, tap and ballroom.

 He describes Odyssey as the “common man’s” dance company, with something for everyone to enjoy – not just for those who see dance as an “elitist” form of entertainment. The use of contemporary, popular music, along with classical, makes it an exceptionally appealing to a broad-based demographic.

 Tickets for USU Eastern’s production of “Thriller” are sold online at usueastern.edu/thriller. Cost is $35 for the 4 p.m. show and $42 for the 8 p.m. show.