July 25, 2024

Point-counterpoint: Spoopy Movies

Let’s imagine a scene for a moment. You are planning a Halloween party. You have the punch with dry ice to make it bubble like witches brew. Cheap spiderwebs are dangled around the corners of door frames strategically to brush against your guests shoulders. The lighting is just dim enough that people’s costumes might look convincing. You have a few fun activities planned out, but you want a movie to finish the night with something relaxing. Do you want a scary horror movie or a “spoopy” Halloween movie? Trick question. Spoopy movie is the best choice.

For groups of people, going with Halloween specials is safe because they are accessible to everyone. Not everyone likes horror movies. Many people do not enjoy being scared and some people have medical conditions that can make watching them dangerous. 

Halloween specials may not always be the most exciting movie, but wat least no one will have to leave or sit out the movie.

Think back to your childhood Halloween activities. What movies jump into your mind? I’m willing to bet that it is a Halloween special. Nostalgia is a powerful force and is in full swing with Halloween movies. Personally, Scary Godmother is one that holds a warm place in my heart. Ask someone their favorite Halloween movie and watch their face light up with childhood joy.

Halloween specials capture the magic of Halloween. They exemplify the joy of picking your costume and planning your trick or treat router. It reminds you of the chill of fog rolling in and the excitement that comes with it. Spoopy movies are just more “Halloween”.

This Halloween, I would recommend putting on a “spoopy”. A few recommendations: the Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween Town, Coraline, Beetlejuice, and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Paige Martinez, editor in chief