September 29, 2022

We shouldn’t be forced to take general classes

Daryn Mason

Why are students forced to take general classes we don’t want and that won’t help us in our careers? I thought college was meant for us to diversify and take classes for our careers or find out who we are, right? ,

We are forced to take college classes like science, math, English and history, and sometimes they don’t help us with our career. Here are a few reasons why we shouldn’t be forced to take these classes.

Reason one: some find these classes tedious and don’t want to take them. Some people might find history, science, math and English interesting, which is fine, but a lot of us don’t want to learn about that after high school. We are forced to take classes that we’re not interested in, that is no fun and it’s not right.

My second reason: general classes don’t pertain to some of our degrees. I want to major in radio broadcasting and business. How do general classes such as science, math and English help me with that? I know many others feel this way. 

I have learned many things and taken  many classes from elementary to high school. I am grateful for that, I could see what I wanted to pursue in high school. I found out what I basically wanted to go into. College is meant for me to take classes to help with my career.

Currently, that isn’t really happening, because I am forced to take general classes. I hope that one day, the nation or even the Utah higher education system decides to not force us to take  unnecessary classes so we can take classes that will actually push us. The state should be helping us with our future careers, not delaying them.  

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