April 20, 2024

Eagle In The Spotlight: A Look At Prisma Mendez

Tecia Mose – Staff Writer

Prisma Mendez is a freshman this year from a small Utah town called Green River. Her graduating class held about 10 people. She came to Eastern after receiving scholarships, one for academics and another for being a GearUp student.

In her spare time, Prisma frequents the BDAC on campus to work out. As a lover of cardio, the treadmill is her favorite machine. One of her favorite memories so far this year was going to the foam dance, followed by going to Los Jilbertos for burritos at midnight, and ending the night with a good movie. “Yeah, going to Los Jilbertos after dances is like a tradition [for me and my friends] now.”

            When asked if there is anything Prisma would change about Eastern, her response is about improving the BDAC. She thinks that extending the gym hours would be beneficial for her and other students who prefer to workout at night. “Closing at 11 would be better, right now they close at 9, which is too early.”

            Prisma is ambitious about her academics. Her goal for her time in college is to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. Her advice for students is this: “Make sure you balance your academic life and your social life. Because without either one of them you would not be successful, and college wouldn’t be the best experience ever.”