February 23, 2024

Appreciation for Tubman

Born in 1822, Harriet Tubman started her life as a slave. As she and those she cared for were passed from slave owner to slave owner Tubman grew into a strong, wise and courageous woman.

 In 1849 Tubman escaped from slavery in Maryland and made it to Philidelphia. Wasting no time, she immediately returned to Maryland to help her family escape the clutches of slavery. 

Earning the nickname “Moses” by slowly leading groups of slaves to freedom, Tubman successfully freed dozens of slaves without losing any of them along the way. Tubman’s courage continued as violence increased in the United States.

After the Civil War began, Tubman was recruited for the Union Army, first as a cook and a nurse, then later as an armed scout and spy. 

 She was the first woman to ever lead an armed expedition in the war. The expedition she guided was the cause of liberation to over 700 slaves. 

After the war she moved to Auburn, New York, where she took care of her parents and worked actively in the women’s suffrage movement until she fell ill and was admitted into an African American elderly home that she helped create.

 The example of her life teaches women today that if you never give up on what you know to be right, you have the power to make incredible things happen. 

Life will always throw different trials and challenges your way, but if you face them head on with courage and strength, you will overcome.