June 24, 2024

Eagles 3-5 in conference

Within the last two weeks, the Utah State University Eastern men’s basketball team received two losses and one win in conference play. They lost to Snow College and Salt Lake Community College and beat Colorado Northwestern Community College. 

“We have a really good conference, 

Salt Lake, Snow, CSI and CNCC brings it every night. I think we’ve lost some close ones, the few we’ve won, we’ve performed pretty well,” said assistant coach Ray Jones . “We have a lot of confidence moving forward. Heading into snow we have a little bit of a road sweep coming. We feel confident that we can make noise at any place we go to. We just want to keep staying the course and keep trying to get better everyday.  I think well get a result we like.”

Eastern loses to Snow 

Eastern lost to Snow College 76-70 on Jan. 30, giving the team its fourth loss of the season. During the first half, the Eagles scored 32 points while the badgers scored 28. In the second half, USUE scored 29 points while Snow scored 33 points. The game went into overtime where Eastern scored nine points and Snow scored 15 points. 

The top players of the game were Christian Haffner, Donoval Avila and Vojtech Ruzek. Haffner scored 22 points, three rebounds, two assists and a steal. Avila scored 15 points, five rebounds and a steal. Ruzek scored six points, seven rebounds, three assists and a steal. 

The Eagles made 37.9 percent of their field goals, 34.4 percent of 3-pointers and 79.2 percent of free-throws.

Eagles beat CNCC

The Eagles destroyed Colorado Northwestern CC 105-87 on Feb.1, giving the team its first win of February and third win in conference. USUE scored 50 points in the first half while CNCC scored 46 points. The Eagles scored 55 points in the second half while the Spartans scored 41 points.

The top players of the game were Chrisitan Haffner, Turahn Thompson and Vojtech Ruzek. Haffner scored 24 points, two rebounds and two assists. Thompson scored 20 points, five rebounds and two assists. Ruzek scored 15 points and two rebounds.

Eastern had a total of 64.9 percent of its field goals made, 66.7 percent of 3-pointers made and 71.4 percent of free-throws made.

USUE loses to SLCC

Eastern lost to Salt Lake Community College 69-55 on Feb. 6, giving the team its fifth loss of conference. The Eagles scored 32 points in the first half while the Bruins scored 36 points. In the second half, USUE scored 23 points while SLCC scored 33 points.

The top players of the game were Turahn Thompson, Dillon Sorensen and Donoval Avila. Thompson scored 17 points, 10 rebounds and two assists. Sorensen scored 10 points, three rebounds and one assist. Avila scored six points, five rebounds, six assists and two steals.

Eastern had a total of 37.1 percent of its field goals made, 17.4 percent of 3-pointers made and 41.7 percent of its free-throws made.

“I think we’re coming togehter as a team really well, we’re starting to get hot and now we’re hoping to finish out the conference seasons strong and then make a run in the tournament,” said Christian HaffnerThe Eagles are now 12-12 overall and are 3-5 in conference. The Eastern basketball team will return to the court on Feb. 13 to play Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.