May 18, 2024

Eastern campus life improvements

Over an 83 year span, Utah State University Eastern has undergone many changes on campus. 

USU Eastern started as a small community college in 1938, where a small group of people put together a center for higher learning that could service Eastern Utah students. 

The growth of that institution from a small College of Eastern Utah campus to becoming USU Eastern has been exponential, with new buildings, new classes, new programs and activities for students to use and further themselves both academically and personally. 

Students attending the Eastern campus have seen some of these changes recently. A new fire lane was added in the early parts of fall semester to allow emergency responders easier access to potential emergency situations on campus. 

USU Eastern facilities upgraded the lighting systems throughout campus to LED, providing students safer travel at all times of the day. The campus has become much more energy efficient, with most buildings on campus now equipped with sensor lighting to improve energy efficiency. Piping is currently being replaced on campus to ensure students get the most out of the HVAC in the BDAC athletics building.

These changes will help improve campus and allow everyone the best possible experience. However, while these projects are in place for the students, a lot of what is being done won’t be as recognized by students as something like the Nexus student area, which has added to the appeal of student life on campus. 

Several projects are on the docket to improve student life. One of which is the creation of a double suite in Aaron Jones Hall, bringing two separate areas together into a large-community-living space, allowing for up to 12 students instead of the standard six. 

Along with that, there have been rumors of community-fire pits and the long-awaited return of a smaller on-campus store, neither of which have been confirmed as of this date. 

Projects of this nature will be less of a priority due to the necessity of things like the emergency lane and steam line, but students can make their voices heard about student-life-improvement projects. If there is something students think could add to the campus atmosphere, reach out to the department the project would be involved in and make your ideas known.