June 24, 2024

‘Scream’ Review

“Scream (2022)” is the fifth and likely final installment of the critically-acclaimed “Scream”
franchise. Fans didn’t expect another movie after “Scream” creator Wes Craven passed away in

  1. With new directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett at the helm, does “Scream
    (2022)” live up to the other films in this iconic series?
    The answer is yes. This film is a return to form for the horror genre, bringing back the
    style and feel of the iconic slashers audiences know and love. Ghostface is back in full force
    and the slashings in this film are as brutal as ever. There are moments that cause genuine fear
    and panic, leaving theatergoers to check over their shoulders for a killer that’s not there.
    The film is scary, but it also has moments of genuine comedy, action, drama and despair.
    “Scream” gives audiences a fully formed emotional thrill ride that will have viewers invested in
    the newest series of slayings in Woodsboro, California.
    The best part of this film is the dynamic between new characters Sam Carpenter (Melissa
    Barrera) and her younger sister Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega). The relationship portrayed by
    these two phenomenal actors is a strained one. Sam left Tara and their mother quickly after
    turning 18, moving to a different town and ceasing almost all contact with her family for years.
    She has no desire to return home until she learns that her sister has been attacked by the new
    Ghostface killer.
    Bringing Sam back home sets the plot in motion, as she and her boyfriend Richie Kirsch
    (Jack Quaid) attempt to solve the mystery and stop the killings before it’s too late. Helping them
    to solve this case are the legacy characters. David Arquette returns as Dewey Riley, former
    Woodsboro sheriff and professional Ghostface hunter. Dewey is a standout in this film, just as
    he was in the original 26 years ago.
    Neve Campbell returns as the ultimate “Scream” final girl, Sidney Prescott. Campbell isn’t
    in the film as much as fans might expect her to be, but including her in a way that doesn’t
    overshadow the new protagonists is more important than a few extra minutes with Sidney.
    Courtney Cox is also back as Gale Weathers, returning to Woodsboro after years of
    success as a morning show host in New York City. Not much could bring these three together
    again, but when Ghostface returns, so do they.
    Sam is an excellent new protagonist for the franchise. The character is mysterious, smart
    and remarkably tough. She’s determined to solve the mystery and will do whatever is necessary
    to protect the people she loves. The biggest plot point of the film revolves around Sam’s family
    history, reminding audiences that the past can and will come to haunt you. The audience gets a
    lot of time to know Sam and empathize with her situation. By the end, it would be impossible not
    to root for this character to survive.
    Whether she does or not, that will require a viewing of the film. Some of the deaths are
    genuinely shocking and call back to some of the most iconic moments in horror film history.
    This movie is a great time, grab a mask and head out to the theater to see “Scream
    (2022).” This movie is a hit. This movie gets 8.5/10 slashes from me. Go see this film.