December 2, 2023

Flooding in Pakistan

The flooding has already killed over 1000 people, injured over 3500, and affected 33 million.

Overseas in Pakistan is a  body of water the size of Utah Lake that , created from intense flooding. The flooding has already killed over 1000 people, injured over 3500, and affected 33 million. It is estimated that by the time the rains have stopped, around ⅓ of Pakistan will be covered in water. There have been billions of dollars in damages to the population. Millions of people were forced out of their homes with numbers constantly rising. There is little to no media coverage. Billions of dollars were raised to rebuild a burnt down church while no one can seem to care less about the men, women  and children dying not much farther away. 

Pakistan has a bad reputation to some in the United States- these reputations are caused by racism and prejudice. This has led to this devastating event having no coverage and no one to help. America has no shortage of ability to help–giving over 50 billion dollars to Ukraine only a few months ago. Without the common decency to provide some news coverage, people are not aware of the damage being done. The flooding is not new either. It has been raining non stop for months with no end in sight for the people of Pakistan. They cannot move far enough quickly enough. There have been thousands of unnecessary injuries and deaths because we can’t be bothered to care about our fellow humans. 

You may be thinking that there is nothing to be done, or maybe that you can’t imagine one person can do much. That’s just not the case. All movements had to be started somewhere. No one is expecting you to travel to Pakistan. It can be as simple as donating $1 to the efforts. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is one of many organizations hosting a fundraiser for these innocent people. Verified organizations are using  GoFundMe. Individuals with families overseas just looking to bring their family somewhere safe. You can make donations to the individuals themselves. You can open your homes to refugees. Extensive vetting is required through the refugee programs. You don’t have to donate either. It can be as simple as spreading awareness of the issue. So many people have no idea that this is happening. Widespread knowledge of atrocities is how things change. It always has been. So you as your ‘just one person’ can turn into hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands. 

Take some time to speak out. Scream so loud people can’t ignore you. No one deserves to die. Don’t be the one who leaves those innocent people alone. For now, let’s start with something smaller. Give the people of Pakistan a chance to change the world. Without those people, we would not be where we are today. Speak out. 

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