December 9, 2023

Updates to the campus community

Interview with Senior Associate Vice President Greg Dart

It is an exciting time to be a student at Utah State University Eastern says Senior Associate Vice President Greg Dart. The campus has begun the slow and steady climb back to the capacity it once held before the coronavirus pandemic required higher-education institutions to go largely online.

     Dart is excited to see this change. “One of the things I’ve been telling people, I don’t have our enrollment numbers yet, but there is a life on this campus that we haven’t seen since Fall of 2019. It has been really great to see the excitement return to the campus.” 

     The university is back to nearly full capacity as far as in-person and broadcast courses go on the Eastern campus. Students also have the added benefit that Utah State learned how far it can expand using online course offerings. There is more availability now than ever before for students to take courses that would normally not be offered in Price. 

     The degree offerings are constantly expanding and the university has recently added a pre-professional degree in biology that prepares students to jump straight into medical school after the program. 

     Along with that degree, USU Eastern now offers Aggies Elevated Eastern. The program was created to allow students that may need extra assistance due to intellectual or developmental disabilities to attain a college degree on the Eastern campus. The program is very person-centered, allowing these students access to the tools and resources they will need to succeed as Eagles. 

     Making your way through your first, or second, or even third semester can be a challenge and Dart wants students to know they can reach out to him with any comments, questions, or concerns they may have at USU Eastern, “I couldn’t be more excited for the students this year. We have a great opportunity to show how far this campus has come and how far the students can go. I believe the stage is set for amazing things for students. My door is open and I’m happy to be a support for students.” 

     Other resources are available for students who need additional assistance as well. Tutoring and homework help are available through the Library and Learning Commons. Academic Advising and Financial Aid help are available for students in the One Stop Student Services building. Mental Health Services are available to the campus community through the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. 

     For other information about available programs for students, faculty and staff, including information on FREE coronavirus testing kits, visit or stay tuned to