June 14, 2024

Women’s volleyball continues domination Competition

Eastern’s 16-match winstreak still alive after upset win over No. 5-ranked Snow College

Complete and utter dominance is arguably one of the most fitting phrases a person could use to describe the way Utah State University Eastern’s volleyball team has been playing. Continuing on an astounding 13 game win streak, the Golden Eagles continue to punish the opposition, securing three more wins in the past two weeks.   

Upon entering conference play on Sept. 21, there has been nothing but W’s in the team’s Win/Loss column. The nationally ranked number 6 USU Eastern kept the gas pedal shoved to the floor upon starting the regular season at unranked Colorado Northwestern Community College, winning in only three sets and outscoring CNCC 75-43 through all three sets. 

Mia Trotter and Alexis Leckington both had impressive games with six kills each. Trotter also added 3 three blocks with Leckington racking one of her own as well as an ace helping to secure the win over the opposing school.

And on Sept. 30, rolling forward into a heated rivalry game and hosting the Badgers from Snow College, who sat ranked fifth in the nation, USU Eastern did not let up. After they pummeled the Badgers 25-17 taking the first set, Snow College responded and took the next two sets in incredibly close fashion with the Eagles never letting up and staying within an arm’s reach of winning. 

In a battle for the ages, USU Eastern found it within themselves to put everything else aside and become in sync as a team as they fought tooth and nail to pull ahead in the fourth set of the match, winning it 25-19.

With both teams now having won two sets apiece it came down to the final set. And with USU Eastern ending the set with a 15-9 victory and ultimately winning the game, there was thunderous applause and cheering from parents, fans, and players alike. 

Haley McUne had an absolutely monstrous game, tacking on 20 kills as well as two aces for the Eagles. Pair her alongside Katie Compas who had an impressive 23 assists, and they have a recipe for success against the longstanding rival.

 “Discipline and execution won us the game tonight,” said Head Coach Danielle Jensen. “There was amazing volleyball played and the support from the fans was something special.” 

Those very same fans brought the energy and support into the next game against the College of Southern Nevada on Oct. 1. They won in another dominant fashion taking three sets to the Coyote’s zero. And with a score margin of +10 on two of the three sets, it was not necessarily a very close game.

Closing the win against Southern Nevada brings the Eagle’s win streak up to 16 for the entire season and a 3-game conference win streak.

Looking to extend the seemingly endless trend of winning, USU Eastern (19-3, 3-0) will take on College of Southern Idaho (9-10, 0-3) at CS on Friday, Oct. 7, at 6 p.m.