April 20, 2024

Calorie deficit

But if you truly can’t–or won’t–track your calories, here are a few tips to help you stay in a calorie deficit.

I’m sure everyone wants a great body for summer. However, with all these different weight loss “diets,” it’s common to not quite sure which one will work. Well, there’s one sure way that always works. It’s called a calorie deficit.

To put it simply you must consume fewer calories than you burn, by doing this you will consistently lose weight and get that dream body.

How can you know if you are in a Calorie deficit? Well it’s way easier than it seems. You need to find how many calories you will burn each day without doing anything.

To find that, you can look up calorie calculator online. For example, an average man who’s 5’9 and 190 pounds will burn 1,875 calories by just being alive. So for him to lose weight he must eat under 1,800 calories each day. But let’s say he wants to eat more than that. This man can do some cardio and burn an extra 400 calories so now this man is burning 2,200 calories each day. Now, he can eat 2,000 calories each day and still lose weight. But how can you tell how many calories you’re eating each day?

Track. To know if you’re truly in a calorie deficit you need to track your calories. Tracking your calories can be quite difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s say you cook your own meals. Just put in every ingredient you normally would, then you can adjust it based off of what you eat.

But if you truly can’t–or won’t–track your calories, here are a few tips to help you stay in a calorie deficit. When you sit down to eat always eat your protein first. Eating your protein first generally makes you feel fuller, and protein will keep you fuller for longer. When you’re eating your meal eat SLOW! The slower you eat the more time it gives your body to realize it’s full, so you don’t eat as much as you thought you needed to. Or when you’re eating your meals split it in half and only eat half your meal. If you are still hungry after, that then you can have the second half.

However, the biggest thing to stay in a calorie deficit is don’t drink your calories. Although having a sugary drink can be nice, they tend to have a ton of calories that give you nothing in return. The next time you pick up a drink, look at how many calories are in it and if you need the drink. Stick to a diet, and they tend to have next to no calories.