December 9, 2023

The Ahsoka debut is nothing fans haven’t seen before

The Star Wars show Ahsoka, starring Rosario Dawson and Natasha Liu Bordizzo, premiered on Disney Plus Aug. 22 with varying reviews from fans.

Ahsoka is Disney’s latest Star Wars show, and continues the narratives of characters introduced in Dave Filoni’s Star Wars the Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels. Ahsoka has still been written so that fans who haven’t watched either show can still enjoy it. The show is eight episodes, and around thirty-five minutes long, 

The show begins with a cold open in which we see a New Republic ship flying through space. They spot an ex-Imperial ship on the horizon, which begins transmitting ancient clearance codes for “Jedi.” Calling the ship’s bluff, the captain invites this unknown ship aboard his own, and greets the “Jedi.”  The captain blocks the “Jedi” as they try to barge further into the ship, subsequently, he and his crew are slaughtered by the “Jedi” and their lightsabers. The “Jedi” proceed to rescue a prisoner who was being kept captive on the Republic cruiser. 

The show then cuts to Ahsoka exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization, and solving a puzzle in their midst. Episode one is primarily an introduction to Ahsoka and her character, as well as her relationships with Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Sabine Wren. She’s old friends with Hera, and walked away from a Jedi master-padawan apprenticeship with Sabine. 

The show gives us a look into some of Sabine’s day-to-day life, and learns that she’s an honored Republic hero after events that have taken place in Rebels. We also learn that her friend Ezra Bridger–the main character of Rebels–sacrificed himself to defeat Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn and save everyone.

While we’re learning about the main cast, the show is also giving us a look into what the “Jedi” antagonists are doing with their prisoner. We learn that the woman is a descendant of the Night Witches of Dathomir, and she is working with the “Jedi” to bring about the return of Thrawn. They intend for Thrawn to rally scattered Imperial Forces and wage war across the Galaxy once more.

Ahsoka is actively working to prevent Thrawn’s return. However, Hera, and Sabine are also trying to get to his location to see if they can find Ezra.

In its first three episodes, Ahsoka doesn’t seem like anything we haven’t seen before. It continues exploring the New Republic established in the Mandalorian, and follows Ahsoka and Sabine through their various adventures between planets.

The show’s graphics, settings, and planets are all gorgeous. They’re not as high quality as a movie’s, but still look phenomenal. There’s a little bit of awkward lightsaber choreography, but it’s solid overall. The aliens and otherworldly creatures look the best they ever have in live action Star Wars, and watching Ahsoka and Sabine fly Ahsoka’s ship through the sky is an absolute joy.

Again, the show doesn’t do anything groundbreaking in its first few episodes, but it’s still good Star Wars and TV.

The only real thing to complain about is that in episode one specifically, a lot of the dialogue in the show comes off as cliche or just forced. Half the time the actors are just giving each other sly or knowing looks–which is fine, it shows they have established relationships with one another–but their lines are just weird. It feels more like we’re watching characters and actors spout their lines, as opposed to real people who we can relate to. The characters are still well-written, grounded and established, it’s just a minor gripe.

If nothing else here appeals to Star Wars fans, at least be relieved hearing that the characters stay away from Tatooine and Kashyyyk.

Ahsoka’s budget has yet to be revealed, but people have speculated it’s over $100 million.

User reviews on rate Ahsoka everywhere from six to nine stars. There are very few polarizing reviews, but people seem to be enjoying it for the most part. 

The final episode of Ahsoka season one dropped Tuesday, Oct. 3. The eight-episode series is on Disney Plus.