June 17, 2024

Curt Atwood killed his wife

   On May 29, 2019, the famous YouTube vlogger Roman Atwood’s mother, Sue, passed away at the age of 58. Atwood publicly disclosed that the cause of her death was a fall from a scooter, which immediately led to her loss of vital signs.

I do not believe that she died from falling off a children’s scooter. Some speculate that Roman’s father, Curt Atwood, may be involved in her death. I’m not the only one with this suspicion; there are numerous people online expressing similar concerns.

Roman hosts a podcast called “The Roman Atwood Podcast,” where he interviewed his father. The interview had an unsettling tone when they discussed Sue’s death. Curt even mentioned finding it strange that there was a closed casket at the funeral, given that she died from falling off a scooter. Falling from a child’s scooter shouldn’t result in such severe trauma to necessitate a closed casket.

In the same video, Curt revealed that her death wasn’t entirely unexpected. He claimed to have had a vision in which Jesus told him, “I need to separate you and your wife.” He described how, upon seeing her on the ground after the incident, he realized that this vision was about her. Roman’s wife, Brittney Atwood, appeared skeptical while Curt spoke.

The most chilling part of the podcast is when Roman seems to accuse his father. He discusses his perspective on his mother’s death and looks at his father in a way that suggests he has doubts. He said, “The whole passing of mom was so unbelievably strange. It doesn’t add up in my head. She fell off a scooter—,” but his father interrupts to clarify that the scooter was not electric, only a child’s scooter. Roman continues, “Not only did she pass away when she fell, but she had a closed casket, and that just doesn’t add up.” There’s an awkward pause, and it seems like Roman accuses his father, who appears guilty. To make matters worse, Curt suggests, “I think the angels threw her down and made sure she was not coming back… or whatever.”

The conversation slows down, and Roman reveals that he has pondered it repeatedly, while Curt suggests that she might have passed out on the scooter. Again, Roman’s facial expression toward his father suggests suppressed anger. Roman looks at his wife, and their expressions seem to indicate agreement.

Later in the podcast, Brittany shares a story about Curt asking her to take special care of Roman’s mother. Roman adds that it was as if Curt knew it was going to be her last Christmas. Curt becomes visibly uncomfortable, and Brittany also appears uneasy. Curt hums in agreement, and Roman mimics him.

They discuss a vacation they took just two days before Sue’s passing. The night before she died, the group argued about the ending of a movie where the mother dies. Everyone, except Curt, believed the mother should have survived. Curt argued that the father needed to learn how to live without her. The following morning, she passed away.

Curt then describes another vision, which appears to be a recurring theme. Some may speculate that he has a mental disorder that results in these “visions,” which he insists are not dreams. In this particular vision, Curt claims that Roman’s mother is still alive, but he is with another woman whom he was destined to love. Shortly after Sue’s death, he reportedly met this woman for the first time and is now married to her.

   My theory is that Curt had “visions” of what he wanted and instead of divorce, he chose to murder Sue, to be with this other lady.

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