February 29, 2024

USU Eastern and JACK FM strike a deal

In a remarkable collaboration aimed at fostering a stronger bond between the local community and the vibrant happenings on the campus of Utah State University Eastern, JACK FM radio, a popular local radio station in Price, has initiated a series of interviews featuring individuals from the university’s athletic department. This initiative, which takes place every Tuesday, is a proactive effort by JACK FM to keep the community informed and connected with the exciting events and activities taking place at the university.

Ryan Owens, a dedicated employee at JACK FM, shared the station’s commitment to keeping their finger on the pulse of the community. He stated, “We are a local radio station, and we like to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in our community.” In pursuit of this goal, they engaged in discussions with Jess from the athletics department and Loren from the marketing department at USU Eastern. Through these conversations, a unique agreement was born: regular interviews with representatives from the university to shed light on the various activities and developments on campus.

As an illustrative example of the content that this partnership has brought to the airwaves, Owens shared, “For instance, we had the rodeo coach come in on a Tuesday and talk about this weekend’s rodeo and his team. It was great.” These interviews are not limited to athletics alone; the arts also have their moment in the spotlight. Owens continued, “The theater department came in and talked about their play ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ It’s just a way to keep the community informed.”

The motivation behind this initiative was succinctly articulated by Athletic Director Jess Brinkerhoff of USU Eastern. Brinkerhoff stated, “We did this to better connect our athletes with the community here in Price.” The collaboration between JACK FM and the university’s athletic department serves as a platform for athletes to share their achievements, goals, and upcoming events, fostering a sense of community support and engagement.

The partnership between JACK FM and USU Eastern is not just about promoting sports; it’s about showcasing the broader range of activities and talents that the university has to offer. From the theater department’s captivating plays to the athletic triumphs and challenges, this collaboration brings the heart of the campus directly to the community’s ears.

Local residents in Price, Utah, can tune in to JACK FM every Tuesday to catch these enlightening interviews and stay informed about the exciting events unfolding on their doorstep. It’s an opportunity for the community to connect with the university and for the university to showcase the diverse talents and achievements of its students and staff.

The partnership is receiving positive feedback from both sides. JACK FM is fulfilling its mission to keep the community informed, while USU Eastern is achieving its goal of building stronger connections between its athletes and the local community. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and highlights the importance of community engagement.