February 23, 2024

Casino night at Eastern a massive success

On Nov. 2, 2023, students of USUSA put on a Casino Night Event for the students of Utah State University Eastern. This event was a Black-Tie Event held in the MPR. A black-tie event meant that if the students dressed their best, they received three white tickets. These three white tickets were then put into a raffle for the prize of their choice. Students attending the event received 1,000 chips to start playing all of the games at Casino Night.

Mike Huff with Slickenstein was the company brought to the event to provide the Casino Night experience, and they did an amazing job! Slickenstein provided the service of Casino Night and brought their own tables. The tables they brought were completely custom-made to specific casino games.

I had the opportunity to play Blackjack. I had never played Blackjack before Casino Night, but I ended up loving it. The objective was to beat the dealer to the sum of 21 with your cards without breaking, which means going over the total number of 21.

The dealers brought by the company were there solely to be your dealer and teach you how to play each casino game. They would instruct you on how to play each game and provide tips and tricks to succeed. The limit of your winnings was 10,000, which equaled 100 tickets.

Once you got your winnings, you would turn your chips into the prize table to receive the correct number of tickets to chips ratio. The tickets you earned would then be placed into the basket in front of the prize you wanted to be raffled off to win. The prizes included the following: 50” TV, Electric Scooter, Playstation 5, Projector, Disc Golf Set, Polaroid, Galaxy Watch 6, Minky Blankets, Hydro Flask Tumblr, Pebble Ice Maker, Echo Dot, Cotopaxi Cross Body Bags, Apple Air Tags, Apple Watch, Massage Gun, Pickleball Paddles, Beats Solo 3, Hammock, Beanies, Lego Set, etc.

Joel Olsen was a student that attended Casino Night, and when asked about his night, he responded, “My favorite game was Craps. I liked this game because I won a lot more in this game than the other ones. I was hoping for the TV or the Playstation 5.” This wasn’t all provided at Casino Night either. There was an assortment of foods, including catering from Wingers. It was such a fun atmosphere to see everyone dressed up, with the lights dimmed, and the MPR filled with lots of students ready to win some games and prizes. Everyone’s nerves were high at the end of the event because when it was time to call out the prizes, everyone would wait patiently for each prize with the hope that their ticket numbers would be called out, with the luck of winning the prizes they wanted. The hot commodity items included the Minky blankets and the Playstation 5. What a fun time to provide back such an amazing night full of fun experiences and amazing food and prizes.