April 19, 2024

Eagles 8-1 record second in SWAC

College of Southern Nevada on top of conference with perfect 8-0 record followed by College of Southern Idaho with 9-2 Record.

The Utah State University Lady Eagles extend their win streak as they take on Mesa Community College. The Lady Eagles also climbed the national rankings from 22nd to 15th. The Eagles took the win over Mesa Community College 63-49, through all four quarters the Eagles captured the lead and never looked back. Japrix Weaver led scoring with 15 points, shooting 6-10 from the field including 3-7 from the three point range. Summer Christensen scored 12 points and Olivia Nielson scored 10 points from off the bench. The team then traveled to Phoenix for back-to-back games on Friday and Saturday as they participated in the Bears Tip Off showcase. The Lady Eagles first faced the home team at the tournament Phoenix College. The Eagles pushed through and won 79-42 with a very dominant second half. USUE was up 29-25 at the end of the first half, the Lady Eagles then outscored Phoenix 30-8 in the third quarter. USUE then finished off the game outsourcing Phoenix once again 20-9 as they took home another win. Ellie Esplin led with the highest points 17, nine of those points coming from deep. This is the second time Esplin has scored 17 points in a game, the first time against Western Wyoming ranked third. Hadley Humphreys dominated in the post for USUE scoring 11 points, Humphreys also came out with an astonishing 16 rebounds, half of those were from the offensive side. Utah State University Lady Eagles then went on for their last game of the showcase against Glendale Community College dominating and winning 89-28 as they are 5-0 now.

No.15 Utah State Eastern women’s basketball hosted their annual Eagle Classic at USUE over the weekend. The Lady Eagles first game they took on Laramie Community College. Within just the first quarter the Eagles jumped out to an early 19-8 lead. Eagle player Japrix Weaver was 8 of 11 shooting, including two three pointers with a total of 19 points that game. The second quarter the Eagles outscored Laramie once again 20-6. Summer Christensen was hitting key shots for the eagles and finished the game with 4 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists. Olivia Nielson played a big role in this game having a total of 8 rebounds and 4 points. In the third quarter Hadley Humphreys dominated on the defensive side with boards having a total of 16 rebounds in the game. The Eagles pulled through victorious, winning 63-32. The Eagles will now prepare to take on Treasure Valley Community College as they extend their winning lead to 7-0.

The lady eagles took on Treasure Valley Community College. USUE pulled ahead in the first quarter outscoring Treasure Valley 23-10, Ellie Esplin with an immaculate first quarter making 6-10 of her shots, including 2 three pointers, Esplin scored 16 points within just the first 20 minutes of the game. Mckenzie Allen scoring 12 points with 6 assists helped put the team up 41-23 at halftime. The Lady Eagles went on to win against the Chukars 82-46, as Eagle player Hadley Humphreys remained dominant on both the offensive and defensive side as she scored 8 points and 10 rebounds. Weaver finished the game with 9 points and 10 rebounds. Brinlee McRae played a big role in Easterns win with 14 points including 2 three pointers.

The USU Eastern Lady Eagles ended their weekend with a two game road trip to Salt Lake Community College, finishing 1-1. The Eagles took on Odessa College in their first loss of the season. Ellie Esplin scored a team high with 18 points, she was 7-11 from the field. Hadley Humphreys continues to stay consistent on both sides of the court as she scored 11 points with 10 rebounds for a double double. Summer Christensen added on as well with 10 points. The Lady Eagles had 19 turnovers for their first loss of the season which caused 21 points for Odessa College. The Eagles barely lost this game 70-65.

The USUE Lady Eagles came back with some fire in them as they took on Eastern Wyoming College. In the first quarter the Eagles jumped up to a 29-18 lead and in the second quarter they didn’t slow down at all as they grew their lead 52-32. The Lady Eagles went on to add on 30 more points in the third quarter and 34 more in the final quarter of the game. Eagle player Brinlee McRae hit four shots from deep scoring a team high of 22 points with 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Esplin wasn’t far behind from that as she scored 18 points 12 of which coming from the three point range, as well as having 6 assists. Every player that entered the game for the Eagles had at least 2 points. The Eagles went on to destroy Eastern Wyoming 116-62 as their record now is 7-1.