February 23, 2024

Bored on campus? Hang out around town!

   As a college student it is hard to know activities to do in Price that are both fun and affordable. There are many things that students can do outside of the college campus in Price. There are many different outdoor activities to explore. Some examples are the Wedge. The Wedge’s location is South on Hwy. 10 to the turnoff between mileposts 39 and 40, Price, UT 84501. The Wedge is known to people in price as a “Little Grand Canyon.” Many students go to the Wedge to go on overnight camping trips as well as have

bonfires. If students are interested, the Campus Recreation is taking sign ups October 6-7 to have a camping trip to the Wedge. If students are interested in playing sports, there are Pickleball Courts across from the Student Center. If students are interested but don’t own paddles or balls for pickleball, they can rent them from Campus Recreation for free.

   Those who like can go bowling at the Helper Bowling Alley located in Helper Utah. Every Thursday is Bowling Night. Another option is swimming at the Desert Wave Pool. Students get in for free at the Wave pool. It is open all school year from noon to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday and noon until 6 p.m. on Sundays.

   Students that are a Foodie and want to know some delicious choices there are lots of options. An amazing choice is Angels Craving. It is a Food truck and they have multiple options such as tacos. A sit down restaurant option is Club Mecca which is located on Main Street.

   Those who enjoy soda, multiple soda shops have tons of choices. People can go enjoy sodas from Chugg, Sodalicious, and Sheralds Frosty Freeze.

   Anyone who likes to go on scary adventures can explore the ghost towns up Spring Canyon. There is a legend that you can see a ghost that looks like a lady dressed in white in the buildings. The most popular museum in Price is the Prehistoric Museum located at 155 E Main St, Price, UT 84501. All Utah State Eastern students get free admission. Inside the museum they have a Hall of Dinosaurs, Hall of Archaeology, Discovery Area, and a Museum store.

   There is also a local movie theater King Koal Theater which always shows the new best released movies. When students with their student ID, they can get money off.