April 20, 2024

Dyson Lighthall named USUA Eastern VP

Dyson Lighthall is the newly appointed USUSA Vice President of Utah State Eastern.

 “Dyson is a born leader; he is willing to take on challenges and see them through,” Allie Chamberlain, Student Life Coordinator, said. “Dyson always makes it a point to get to know everyone by being friendly and outgoing through his amazing personality.”

Dyson is 21 years old. He was born in Utah, but mostly raised in Chandler, Arizona. He was raised by his parents Heidi and Dirk Lighthall along with his 9 siblings! Dyson met the love of his life here at Utah State Eastern. Dyson and Kianna are now happily married, and he is majoring in Biology with hopes of attending medical school after receiving his undergraduate degree.

Dyson is not just the USUSA VP, he has taken on many roles here on campus. He is also an asset to the USUE basketball team with the forward position. Between school, basketball and student government he loves to meet new people and be involved in campus activities.

“I originally came to USUE because I was recruited to play basketball here,” Lighthall said. “Little did I know that this university would be much more than basketball for me. I fell in love with the rural town of Price and knew it would be a great home for two years. I quickly got involved with clubs and organizations to further my involvement here on campus! I made many friends here on campus including staff and faculty members.”

Dyson served as the USUSA’s athletic and outdoor representative during the spring semester. This gave him more opportunity to be involved with the campus as a student.

“I grew to know the true values and traditions of USUE and it made me want to be more involved. When I was appointed to be this 2023-2024 Eastern Vice President, I was stoked to be able to have a role that is even more involved on campus. The role of Vice President gives me the privilege of getting to work face to face with many people here on campus. I hope to work with students daily in making our campus a more inclusive and safe space for all of us. I think inclusion is one of the biggest principles that I hope to push here on campus this year.

Dyson is excited about having such an amazing USUSA team this year he describes them as “absolutely fantastic and so willing to help with these goals.”

“My team is so committed to making USUE a fun and electric campus.”

Dyson is excited to work towards his goals of including anyone and everyone on campus through his amazing personality and leadership. With this new role as Vice President, he is going to represent our school work towards reaching his goals during this new school year.