February 23, 2024

Kistalyn Hepworth a shining light at USUE

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in their leader. Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves.” Kristalyn Hepworth is the Assistant Director of Recruitment. Hepworth not only inspires everyone that she works with to be the best version of themselves, but she truly cares for everyone that she meets and makes them feel important. As Assistant Director of Recruitment, she is in charge of all of the recruiting efforts that happen on the Eastern campus.

“Basically, I’m responsible for the recruitment efforts for Eastern. I work in connection with the other ASDs on other USU campuses and under the direction of Director of Recruitment, Corey Mikkleson.” I had the chance to talk with Hepworth about her life and how USU Eastern has impacted her.

“Price is my hometown, so I grew up here and went to Carbon High School,” Hepworth said when asked about her background. “My parents still live here and so do my husband’s parents, and we love living close to family. I have two sisters, and I am the oldest. Nathan and I got married in 2014, and we actually met here at USU Eastern. I also have 4 cute kiddos. Twin girls, a boy, and a baby girl.”

Next, Hepworth went on to detail her time as a student here at Eastern.

“I loved my time at USU Eastern. Some of the best memories in my life. I remember attending Lite Brite in the old student activity center in the ballroom. It was epic! I still talk to a lot of my classmates and Ambassador friends and professors. I attribute much of my success and many of the skills to my time at USU Eastern. It really molded me into who I needed to be. It also helped me to grow professionally and personally.”

What drew Hepworth to Eastern was, “The leadership scholarship. So, a big thing that’s made Eastern special to me is the wealth of opportunities here and the ability that we have to make a big impact.”

However, Hepworth also treasures the time she spent with her ambassadors.

“I freaking love the Ambassadors. They are absolutely the best part of my job here. I love that this group of students work so hard and support each other in being the best versions of themselves. I feel like I’m always a better version of me because I get to interact with the Ambassadors. Many of them have changed my life for the better throughout the years.”

The main goal Hepworth has this year, “is to grow! Of course, we want to grow in enrollment numbers, but we also want to grow in awareness about USU Eastern. We also want to grow in opportunities available to students and in connections that will help to grow our student populations in the future.”

“Kevin Hurst is the absolute bomb,” Hepworth said, giving a shout-out to someone who’s been a great example and person. “When I first started as a student here, he was a recruiter in the Ambassador office and I thought he was way cool back then. He was my Ambassador advisor for a while and now I feel really grateful to have the best boss. I love that he is always so patient and kind and that he pushes people to be their best, but also does that in such a compassionate way. I think USU Eastern is really lucky to have Kevin Hurst as the Director of Students.”

While USU Eastern has impacted Hepworth’s life, the impact that she has had on those who have walked through its doors cannot be ignored. It is very evident that students past and present will never forget the impact that she made on them.

“The impact that Hepworth had on me during my years at Eastern was something that I could never thank her enough for. She taught me what it was to be a leader, friend, and adult, while also showing what true compassion, love, and kindness can do for someone. Hepworth truly changed my life and I’m so thankful to have her in it. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I have graduated and started my career, and she still makes sure to keep in touch with me,” Abby Robertson, former USU Eastern Ambassador, said.

“Hepworth is seriously one of a kind. She is such a role model in my life and has already taught me so much in one year. She’s the most supportive advisor inside and outside of Ambassador responsibilities. She’s as selfless as they come and is always looking out for others. She’s had such a big impact in my life in such a short amount of time. She’s well-spoken and always knows what to say! She also has the kindest heart and is always willing to help or make accommodations to support our success!” said Hannah Spackman, current USU Eastern Ambassador.

 “Hepworth gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and supported me every second of every day throughout it. She was also like my mom away from home and always made me feel special and gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it,” said Sam Hooper, former USU Eastern Ambassador. USU Eastern is very lucky to have Kristalyn Hepworth.