March 1, 2024

The latest update on the abuse case for Ruby Franke

Last month, The Eagle began following a story on influencer Ruby Franke. On August 30, Franke’s son escaped from Jodi Hildebrandt’s house and asked neighbors for help, he also told officers that Jodi put ropes on his ankles and wrists and that cayenne pepper and honey were put on his wounds caused due to the ropes. This was figured out during the search warrant that was filed the same day. The boy who showed up to the neighbor’s house that had duct tape on his hands and wrists asking for food and water informed the officers that two other siblings were at Hildebrandt’s house.

With the search warrant officers were able to learn that Franke had left the three children in Hildebrandt’s care. After this the officers went in trying to search for the other children. They were able to locate the 10-year-old but did not find the 14-year-old girl. After the two youngest children were found, they were taken to the nearest hospital, and shortly after the four youngest children were put into child protective services shortly after.

When searching for the children at the house, the officers discovered a locked room in the basement that could be what they think is a safe room. While searching the house the officers located three ropes, two handcuffs, two bowls containing cayenne pepper paste, honey, bandages, plastic wrap, a journal, and some paperwork.

Ruby Franke was arrested for six counts of child abuse in August. Since then, there has been a hearing held where over 1,200 people joined the zoom call which caused technical difficulties. Ruby and her partner Jodi Hildebrandt were put in jail with no bail. According to CBS authorities stated in documents that all the wounds provided evidence of abuse. Franke’s Sisters Julie Deru, and Bonnie Hoellein posted YouTube Videos stating that they were not aware of their sisters’ behaviors because they had ended contact with Franke’s family.

According to Franke’s Husband’s Attorney, Kevin and Ruby have been separated. During this separation period Kevin was not allowed to see the children due to Ruby’s request. It was not Kevin’s choice for this separation; it was a decision made from Franke and Hildebrandt. Kevin’s attorney also explained he is not focused on blaming anyone in this situation. Kevin is worried about spending time with his children and making sure they are getting what is best for them. He is currently trying to reach out and rebuild different connections lost between relationships. Kevin told the press there was no indication of child abuse at all, and if there was, he would have been at the kids side in two seconds.