April 19, 2024

Faculty speaks on Eastern Leadership day

Kristalyn Hepworth, leader of student recruitment at USU Eastern, speaks to students at an event hosted by the USU Eastern ambassadors. Leadership day will be on March 15, 2024 in Price.

At USU Eastern, its leadership teams are crucial to the college experience. Each team works to plan and facilitate events for the students. The student leadership groups include; Aggies Elevated Peer Mentors, Ambassadors, Campus Recreation Leadership (Outdoor Rec), Peer Mentors, Resident Advisors, and USU Student Association. Now, you’re probably wondering how these students got their positions.

Individually, they applied online and submitted a portfolio. If their portfolio was selected, they were called to participate in the second round, what we call Leadership Day(s).

 Eric Curwen, director of campus life, said, “USU Eastern Leadership Day serves as a platform for students eager to leverage their distinct experiences and skills to unlock their potential and positively impact the lives of their peers.”

Applications are open to current and incoming students of Fall 2024 and close March 15, 2024. Don’t wait, because each team offers something in return.

I will admit, I am biased. I hold a resident advisor position and it has been the best. As a resident advisor, the position helps on-campus residents build a community.

Caitlin Campbell, hall director of the Aaron Jones residence building, remembers when she was interviewed on Leadership Day. She said she was nervous, but knowing most of the people around her calmed some of those nerves. In becoming a resident advisor (RA), Campbell planned many events. Her favorite experience was the first big event she’d planned. “It was a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt and I had a lot of fun planning it. I was nervous about people not coming, but a lot of people ended up coming and it was a lot of fun.”

While being an RA and student, Campbell said she didn’t have many conflicts with classes or RA responsibilities. In joining a leadership group, the advisors over each team know that you are a student first and will do what they can to help you stay on top of academic responsibilities.

Leadership Day is a well thought out event and provides the university with a great selection of individuals who are committed to school and their work. Curwen said in early November, a committee meets regularly to organize and coordinate the event which, from time to time, lasts two days instead of one. When interviewing, each team looks for essential qualities that would benefit their group. Applying for these positions is much like applying and interviewing for a job, but more exciting. Before starting the interview process, there are games where each applicant can show strengths of leadership and potentially get to know future co-workers and teammates.

He continues, “Following Leadership Day, all advisors convene in a collaborative process. Using a comprehensive spreadsheet featuring each interviewee, the advisors systematically select individuals based on the preferences indicated by both the teams and interviewees. This ensures a symbiotic matching process, aligning the preferred leadership groups with the interviewee.”

This part of the process is the most important because the advisors are picking who will work for them and the students in the upcoming year. If you’re interested in joining any of the teams go to, eastern.usu.edu/admissions/leadership, make a portfolio and fill out an application.