April 19, 2024

The Eagle newspaper’s editor’s welcome in 2024 school year


A picture of managing editor Isabella Mohel 

The Eagle Newspaper welcomes all new students to campus. My name is Bella and I am the returning Managing Editor for The Eagle. Our staff of photographers and new eager writers are excited to report campus and local news to you. As the campus newspaper, our staff reports on school events, staff and student opinions, sports, and local news and events taking place in Price.

The newspaper also holds the place of the school’s yearbook by reporting on all the school events. Also providing pictures of students playing sports, attending events, and all kinds of different things on campus, makes the newspaper the perfect keepsake to take home. The Eagle also features professors, students, and/or athletes, so keep an eye out for your picture or name.

As a staff we strive to report factual and prompt news as well as to be the voice of the students. Taking the opinion of students and staff, using writing The Eagle will endeavor to improve the Eastern campus for everyone. Not only does our staff strive to report news and use our writing to make a difference on campus, we also strive to bring positivity through our opinion and comical writing under our “Viewpoints” section.

In other attempts to be the voice of the students, The Eagle staff takes story requests. Additionally, The Eagle welcomes guest writing and photographs submitted by students on campus.

Make sure you look out for our future issues around campus every other week.

To submit an article, pictures, or article idea, email our staff at [email protected].

A picture of editor-in-chief Wyatt Boyle

Hello returning students and faculty of USU Eastern! My name is Wyatt Boyle, and I’m an editor here on the Eagle newspaper. I’m a junior here at USU Eastern and a Journalism major, this is going to be my third year on staff.

As a refresher, the Eagle Newspaper is Eastern’s student run news team. Everything from writing articles, to designing pages, to recording and publishing podcast episodes is all created by and for students.

The Eagle Newspaper is an important tool in connecting with the community, and it contains many memories and stories about our campus that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’ve skipped out on picking up copies of our paper in the past, I genuinely believe you should grab a copy, even if you just throw it into the back of your closet. One day, it might be one of the only things we have to remember our college years.

One of our primary goals at the Eagle newspaper is to be the voice of the students. If you feel we’ve failed at this in the past, please write us a letter to the editors at [email protected], or stop in our room in the CIB at 201. As journalism and newspaper students, communication is important to us. Both our email and doors are always open to anyone who wants to provide criticism, feedback, or just say hello!

With all the changes and growth happening at USU Eastern this is going to be one of our best years yet! The Eagle Editors are thrilled to be along for the ride, and we proud to be part of the community.